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Where is the fuel pump fuse on a Blazer?


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2010-02-01 05:42:08
2010-02-01 05:42:08

In the Gas tank...Make sure you undo the connectors for the wiring and the fuel lines before you drop the tank too far..

for a 95 blazer the fuse box is right where the drivers door hinges on the side of the dash board. The fuse is the ecm.


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which fuse is for the fuel pump in a 1993 chevy s10 blazer

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There is no "reset" switch for the fuel pump on that 94 Blazer. If the fuse and relay for the pump are good, chances are the fuel pump has failed.

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It does not have a fuel pump switch. It has a relay and a fuse for the fuel pump.

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the fuse for the fuel pump is in the fuse box under the steering wheel

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