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Where is the fuel pump located on a 2002 Honda Civic LX?


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2010-10-11 20:59:25
2010-10-11 20:59:25

Center Firewall, a black (or silver if aftermarket) canister affixed with a thick strap type clamp, 2 hoses going to it. remember to take out the fuel pump fuse, take off the gas cap, and crank the car a few times to relieve all fuel pressure before changing this.

actually its with the fuel pump in the tank. u are supposed to replace both at same time. lift up back seat to get to it. thought mine was up on firewall but no where to be found.


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2002 honda civic 1.7 fuel meter is located near the engine.

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In a honda civic 2002 LX it is in the fuel tank.

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The 2002 Honda Civic runs on regular unleaded.

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where is the fuel pump located for 02 -05 civic?

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The fuel filter is located in the tank. Removed the rear seat cushion and there's an access hatch to get to it.

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