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That is the way it goes. Really about the only way is to remove the fuses one at a time and see when the brake lights go out. If the lights are not working, just pull fuses until you find one that is blown.

Don't forget to check under the hood on the passenger side fender- there's another fuse block there!

Check the brake light switch located above the brake pedal, sometimes they go bad, delicate reed switches inside. when you buy the new part - READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!! It's a self adjusting part, and you only get one shot at installation, it's an easy fix. Do NOT push the plunger down on the switch, if you try to reset it you will damage the switch, just follow directions word for word and your golden.

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Q: Where is the fuse for the brake lights on a Jeep Cherokee if the owners manual says look on the fuse panel cover plate and the cover plate says see owners manual?
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Which numbered fuse listed in the owners manual actually goes to the brake lights Brake lights are not listed?

should be the tail lights fuse

How do put brake fluid in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

most likely through the brake fluid reservoir . when in doubt , check your owners manual

Do the headlights and brake lights share a fuse in a 2005 Toyota Camry?

Look in the owners manual. I think they are fused separately.

Your 99 f150 has no brake lights all other lights are okrunning lights directials ect?

It has a separate fuse .I bet you have a trailer connection. The correct fuse is noted in the owners manual.

How do you fill brake fluid?

owners manual

Who can help me my Blinkers and brake lights out on your 2000 ford explorer sport and cant find owners manual need help?

take it to a mechanic I dont wanna "break lights"

What do you if the brake lights on your 96 Cherokee do not come on when pressing the pedal only the center window brake light and you don't have your owners manual and don't know which fuse to change?

I would check the bulbs in the tail lights first. Your Brake switch is working ,because of the third brake light is coming on.Ususally all the brake lights are on the same fuse.... Thanks DomAnswerCenter window light is on a separate circuit. Manufacturers did that so you don't lose all the brake lights at once. Check connections at brake switch and fuses. If ok look for broken wire in harness...............good luck, Mike

Brake lights dont work on your 1997 Ford Taurus..has to be the wires.. maybe the brake switch..?

First things first you need to check your fuses. In the owners manual you will find the location of the fuse that relates to the brake lights. Take the fuse out and hold it up to see if the connection is broken if it is replace and the brake lights should work.

Why would the tail lights work on a 1990 jeep Cherokee but the brake lights don't work?

check the fuse for the brake lights, they have thier own. also check the brake light switch at the at the top of the brake petal

Are there 2 separate fuses for the brake lights and high mount brake light?

It depends on the vehicle. Resubmit question with make, model and year of vehicle. And/Or, consult your owners manual for location and identification of fuses.

Why do my Jeep Cherokee brake lights stay on?

probably a faulty or mis-aligned brake light switch.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1999 ford expedition all other lights are working?

Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

Why don't the brake lights and the tail lights work on your 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

check your fuses

How do i Change the brake light on a 2001 intrepid?

Refer to your owners manual. It gives you all the information that you need. I just changed my lights and it took about 30 minutes. Its simple.

Where is the fuse for the brake lights for a Ford expedition 2003?

Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

How do you fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1999 brake lights?

Check out this website..this is how i fixed mine

Fuse for brake lights for 2007 ford expedition xlt?

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( which includes the fuse diagram ) can be viewed online

How do you check brake fluid on ford diesel van?

read the owners manual

Which fuse is for brake lights?

Each car is different, have a look at your owners manual and it should give you a legend for the fuse panel, many also have it written on the inside of the fuse panel cover.

What is the problem with a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee that the brake lights work fine when the lights are not on but when the lights are on the brake lights don't work?

replace the lamp socket they short in a strange way, it happened to me 3x. the socket carbonized from bulb heat

Why won't brake lights on 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo work?

try unscrewing the back light covers and replacing the lights

What fuse controls the back lights on 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It should say TAIL for taillights or maybe brake lights.

Is there a fuse for 2006 Rainier Brake lights?

Yes, check your owner's manual.

What fuse is for the brake lights on a 1999 Dodge Van?

dont know exactly but if you look in the owners manual it has diagrams to show you.. if you dont have a owners manual you can go to a dealership and they should have a diagram that you can look at.. you can also order them online. just go to google and type in what you need and something should pop up..

Where do you pour brake fluid in a 5-series bmw2002 530i?

get out your owners manual