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Where is the fuse for the dome lights on your 2001 venture van?

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Open passenger door, side of dash panel comes off. Courtesy lamp is a 10 A.

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Where is the fuse for the lights in a 2001 Chevy Venture?

Hi, You didn't mention exactly what lights you are interested in, but I have included a link to the fuse boxes for the 2001 Venture. Good Luck, Greg

Where is the fuse located for the dome lights on a 2001 Chevy venture van?

fuse box on the passenger side of dashboard, shoudl be(not counting the large ones), 4th row from the left 3rd one down.

If the door courtesy lights work in a 2004 Honda Accord after changing the fuse but map and dome lights do not Is there a separate fuse for them?

dome lights do not work. checked the fuse which is ok. checked the bulbs which are also ok. where is the problem

Where is the fuse on a 2001 ford e250 for the running lights?

Where is the fuse for running lights on 2001 e250

What is the problem with all my dome lights not working on my venture van yet my fuse is good?

Replace bulbs, check operation of door switches. Check position of dome light switch. Make sure light bulb contacts are clean.

97 venture van has no lights inside fuse ok what could be wrong?

In my venture ther is a switch on the overhead console that disables the inside lights.

You have no dome or interior lights in your 2006 dodge charger?

check for a blown fuse in the fuse box.

Which fuse is for the dome light on a 2004 Chevy Venture located?

who knows. These vans are a rollin joke.

If the lights on the dash and rear tail lights went out on a 2002 Chevy Venture what fuse would this be?


What is the ctsy fuse on my 93 Chevy truck?

The ctsy fuse is for your courtesy lights. These include your dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and any other small misc. lights in your truck.

Do Not have power to radio and no dome or lamp lights?

Check your fuse box almost guaranteed you have a blown fuse.

Which fuse or fusible link is the correct one to change if the dash lights are out on a 1999 Maxima if it is not labeled dash lights?

check the dome light fuse that could be the problem.......or interior fuse Instrument lights.

Where is fuse box located on a ford 2001 Taurus?

My brake lights, dome lights and dash board lights went out at the same time. I checked the fuse under the hood of the car and I can't locate the fuse box inside the car. My questions are (1) what cloud have cause for all three(3) lights to go out at the same time and (2) where inside the car is the fuse box?

Where is the fuse for the dome lights and mirror lights on a 2000 GM Tracker?

Driver side under dash near hood release there is a fuse block.

Dash lights dome lights and trunk lights won't work 2000 Cavalier are they all on the same circuit any suggestions?

check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

What is the IOD fuse control on a 2001 Chrysler town and country?

under hood fuse box next to battery in box it will be bottom left The ignition off draw fuse powers the radio memory, the dome lights, etc

Where is the fuse for dome lights in a 1998 Ford Windstar?

According to the Owners Manual, fuse #29. See "Related Questions" below for more - especially if your dome lights stay on and you're getting a 'door ajar' chime/warning.

Where is the fuse for door panel lights on a Toyota Celica 1995?

in the interrior fuse pannel it is the fuse labeled DOME LIGHT, or possibly INTERRIOR LIGHTS. i believe it should be a 15 maybe 20 amp fuse

Why are your dome lights and sunroof not working Mitsubishi galant?

If dome lights and sunroof of a Mitsubishi Galant are not working, it is probably due to blown fuse. It is time to replace old ones.

Which fuse would the dome lights be under on a 1999 Tahoe?

it should be the 4th one

Why 2001 sephia dash lights rear lights not working?


Where is the fuse that controls the dome light and radio located for a 1996 Toyota RAV4?

I have a 97 and just changed that fuse for the dome and interior lights, only it also has the tail lights, any way, it is located on driver side on left, fuse # 15 and it is a 10 amp, hope it is a help

Where is tail light fuse in 2002 Honda accord?

Fuse panel, under Dash, Check owners manual for exact number... (15?) To be more clear, it is the 'small lights' 10A fuse on the passenger side fuse box. If this fuse is blown, it will effect the instrument lights, tail lights, and I believe the dome lights.

When a 2000 Toyota Camry dome lights stop working does the romote stop working also?

Usually it does not. Unless your remote control unit is on the same fuse along with the dome lights.

Where is the lighter fuse located on a 1999 Audi A4?

It maybe a 'shared' fuse that is called 'acc' or with the horn, dome lights, etc.