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Check repair book but my 89 has circuit breaker in headlight switch. There is ground wire on body in front of battery. Bad ground will cause breaker to activate so unbolt ground and clean connection. Could have bad dimmer switch which is on column under dash and may be hard to remove without lowering column. I unplugged old switch, plugged in new dimmer switch, set it to dim, and wired new switch to column so now only have dim lights as old switch is connected to activator rod which goes to turn signal/dimmer handle.

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Q: Where is the fuse for the headlights on a 1991 Corsica?
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How do you reset the breaker on 1989 corsica headlights?

there is no breaker, u have to replace the fuse

Why would both headlights suddenly go out on a 1993 Chevy Corsica?

Check the Fuse and/ or relay.

Headlights went out on your 1991 Chrysler new yorker what do you do?

change the bulb and fuse

What is an RTR fuse on a 1991 geo prizm?

if you car had automatic headlights.. the kind that pop up when turned on. then there would be a fuse there.

Where is the fuse for 1991 3000GT headlights located?

Its located under the dash on the drivers side, where your left foot would be. I think its a Red Fuse.

Where is the fuse in the car for the headlights?

Most all cars do not have a fuse for the headlights.

How do you find fuse for headlights on 1990 Corsica?

There isn't a fuse, inside the light switch is a circuit breaker. you will find the info in the onwers manual on the page before the fuses, sorry i don't have a page number.

Where is the fuse for the headlights for a 1991 Chevrolet Blazer?

There isn't one. The headlight switch has a circuit breaker built into it.

Which fuse is the headlights fuse on a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

In the corolla seca, it is the one in the fuse box located in the engine. There are two, located near the fan. (I just had to change mine)

1991 talon headlights do not retract. What would cause this?

blow fuse, bad motor, bad switch or wiring

Where do you find the fuse for the fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy Corsica?

where would i locate the fuse for the fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy corsica

You have at 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan where is the fuse box for the headlights?

The headlights do not have an external fuse. The underhood computer (FCM) has internal fusing for the headlights.

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