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Where is the fuse for the trunk motor on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?


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2011-11-30 01:02:30
2011-11-30 01:02:30

The "Owner Guide" shows the "power decklid pulldown" fuse as Fuse #1 (blue), along with 8 other items, some of which are optional.

Note that this is on the inside fuse block, not the under hood "Power Distribution Box".

Included are:

- automatic level control

- electronic cluster

- radio memory

- heated windshield

- cellular phone

- power decklid pulldown

- power antenna

- CD Changer



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If it has one it will be in the trunk on one of the side supports.

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If it has shocks, replace them. If it has torsion bars one might be broken.

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A 1993 Lincoln Town Car came from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

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