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Where is the fusebox panel located in your 1988 Toyota Camry?


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Fuses for lights, radio, etc is located on the kick panel just to the left of the clutch. Difficult to see and reach so you have to get your head right down by the pedals. Fuses for things like the fuel pump, etc are located under the hood usually towards the front of the car on the drivers side.


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The flasher for a '94 Toyota Camry LE (4-cyl 5SFE) is located behind the kick-panel on the Drivers side under the hood release

Behind the footwell kick panel on passenger side.

Underneath the steering wheel, at very end of the plastic panel.

in Toyota Camry 2007 instrument panel fuse 13 7.5A as wrote in the owner manual

To remove the door panel on 99 Toyota Camry LE, first unscrew the screws holding it to the door. These are on the inside of the car. Once the screws are removed, the panel will lift off.

The fuse panel is located on the right side of the instrument panel. Open the passenger door and you will see it.

Behind the drivers kick panel

Behind the glove box. That whole panel has to be removed, including glove box. You can then see the fan

The flasher is a rectangular unit located under the dashboard on the "kick" panel, to the left of the driver's left foot.

On my 1991 Toyota Camry the fuse box is located on the drivers side up inside where the brake panel is. You have to get right down on the ground to look inside and up to find it. I'm missing the panel that covers it and tells you which fuses go where, if you find it, I'd really like to know the diagram of the fuse box. Thanks and good luck!

In a 1987 Toyota Camry (I think through like 1992), it's in the panel to the left of the driver's feet. There are two relays in that panel on mine, the rear is the Defogger, the Front one is the Taillight relay.

fuses are in the drivers side kick panel....relays are located under the hood

It is near the battery in the smaller fuse/relay panel.

The 1998 Toyota Camry instrument panel bulb price will vary from $.97 to $4.50 depending on brand. The bulb can be purchased at any auto parts store.

A 2000 Toyota Camry has an ignition switch fuse location in the main fuse panel. It helps protect the switch and the rest of the ignition system from surges.

The radio fuse SHOULD be behind the drivers side kick panel. To locate the panel simply look at your brake pedal from there look left, the panel is on the same "wall" as the driver's side door.

A fuse box diagram for a Toyota Carib can be found in the owners manual. It can also be found on the inside panel cover of the fuse box.

It is located at the end of the dash on the drivers side. The panel faces the door so you have to have the door open to access the panel.

I think it is on the side of the kick panel next to the fuse box.

pull fuse in fusebox located driverside left kick panel

Remove the cigarette lighter. Then on the same panel where the cigarette lighter is located slowly pry the panel out. It is held in place by pins. Once that panel is removed you will see a few screws (three I believe) that need to be removed in order to get the radio out.

behind drivers kick panel next to hood release

I believe it is in the right front kick panel at the ECM.

Right in front of you when sitting in the driver's seat.

The Taillights take a 15 amp fuse located under the left kick panel. That's what my 1990 Camry takes. If it being a V6 makes a difference tho is slim, so i would go with the 15 amp

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