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Where is the fusible link in a 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado?


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in the v6 it's in the wiring harness above the right valve cover. In the others its in the wire at the starter battery connection and there is one other model that has it at the battery end of the wire that goes to the starter.


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there is a fusible link on the starter solenoid somewhere

What ever circuit that fusible link protected would be dead if the fusible link is blown.

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can you tell me where my fusible link is for my 1994 Chevy lumina

The circuit the fusible link protects would be dead (no power).

what is a fuse fusible link for 1983 Honda accord

Where is the fusible link in a 2005 Chevy HD truck

Fusible links are generally in the harness next to the battery.

The fusible link is located on the positive battery cable for a Ford f-150. There should be a little box around the cable with the words "fusible link" on it.

I am trying to find out if there is a fusible link in the starter on a Pontiac firebird 1997

If the fusible link is made into the wiring it will have to be cut out. The new link will be solidly connected, such as soldering it in, then the connections sealed form weather.

The fusible link on a 2000 Cavalier is under the hood. It is located at the lower front of the engine.

my 1990 the fusible link is in behind the battery on the drivers side. nice place for corrosion

14 AWG Fusible link wire, available at any good automotive parts store.

Fusible link is installed on the hydralic line entering the actuator of the Blowdown valve. The frangible element (fusible link) will melt when exposed to a fire and cause an automatic blowdown of the exposed part of the system.

The Villager does not use fusible links that I am aware.

Mostly fusible link for starter solenoid is located very close to the battery or between the battery fuse and terminal.

Ford's fusible links are usually connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid.

Ford's fusible links are usually connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid.

IF the fusible link has "fused" [opened up, melted apart] it will not keep the alternator from working, BUT it will prevent the battery from receiving the charge.

Probe the circuit(s) containing the fusible link(s) on both sides of link with a multimeter. You will be able to easily see whether there is continuity or not, an absence of continuity indicates a probable blown fusible link. Good luck to you!

There should be a fusible link on the lead to the starter and possibly one coming from the alternator, if you think you've burned a fusible link you've most likely actually blown the main 150 (?) amp maxi-fuse under the battery tray though.

Ford and Mercury's fusible links are usually connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid.

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