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Where is the fusible link located in a 1989 Buick Century 33L Engine?


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2005-09-04 19:30:45
2005-09-04 19:30:45

thir is on the hot wire that is conected to the startter and one that runs off relays behind right head light and one behind fues box in dash


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I believe they are located on the starter.

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i belive its on the back side of the engine bolts to the transmission

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The Oil filter is located between the behind the Radiator and the Lower front of the engine

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On a 1992 Buick Century, the oil filter is located between the radiator and the lower front of the engine. The radiator is situated in slightly in front of the filter.

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The fuse box is located in the glove box on 1991 Buick Century

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