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Where is the governor on a Honda metropolitan?

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check the exhaust and Google 'restriction'

The restriction plate is in between the carburetor and the air intake

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Where can one get a Honda Metropolitan?

A Honda Metropolitan is a moped which is sold and manufactured by Honda Motors. One can purchase a Honda Metropolitan directly from a Honda dealer. Using the tool on the Honda website, one can locate the nearest dealer.

What is the weight limit for Honda metropolitan?

The weight limit for the Honda Metropolitan is 277 lbs including cargo.

How do you start a Honda metropolitan?

self staRT

Where is the governor on a Honda nighthawk 250?

There's no governor on a Honda Nighthawk 250. A Honda 250 Nighthawk is a motorcycle, not a lawnmower.

Where is the governor located in the Honda Spree?

There is no governor on a Spree!

What Honda scooter gets the best mpg?

Probably the Honda Metropolitan. I have this scooter and it is awesome. I love it.

How do you drain the carburetor on a Honda metropolitan?

run the engine out of gas!

Do you need a license to operate the Honda metropolitan motor scooter in Kansas?

You do need a valid driver's license to operate a Honda Metropolitan motor scooter in Kansas. You do not need a motorcycle license.

Is there a governor in 1997 Honda Prelude?

The Honda Prelude does not have a governor or speed limiter. It is only limited by drag at high speeds.

Where is the governor Honda 70cc?

there was none

Where is oil drain plug on Honda metropolitan 2 2003?


How do you remove a governor from a 97 Honda Accord?

It has no governor. The speed is computer controlled.

How do you adjust governor on 2005 Honda accord?

It does not have a governor. Speed is controlled by the ECU and it is not adjustable.

How do you remove governor from 1996 Honda accord?

There is no governor to remove. Speed is controlled by the ECU (computer).

Where does a Honda Accord top out at?

The Honda Accord 4-cylinders are electronically limited to 7,000rpms and the governor is set for 120mph. On the V6 Accords, the electronic limiter is 7,000 and the governor is 140mph.

How do you remove your governor from a 2003 Honda accord?

There is no governor per se on your Accord. The top speed is controlled by the ECU and is non-adjustable. There is no governor you can remove.

What is the mix for gas and oil in a 2006 Honda Metropolitan?

My 2003 Honda Metropolitan is a 4-stroke engine, and therefore you do not mix gasoline and oil. There is a dipstick just above the muffler that allows you to check and refill oil levels. I would suspect the same setup on a 2006 model.

Where is the governor on a 1986 Honda elite 80?

To my knowledge there isn't one.

How do you open a honda metropolitan gas cap?

Lift the gas cap cover .. Put the key in the cap and turn it...

Where is the governor on a Honda Ruckus?

It does not have a governor it has roller weights where the belt is you have to replace them with lighter ones. It increased my top speed from 35 to 40mph

What is top speed in a 2008 Honda civic si?

With the governor on it you can hit 123mph

What is the top speed of 2004 Honda Accord lx?

I drove a 2005 Honda accord and it topped out at 130mph because of the governor. i bet its the same for the 2004 Honda accord lx.

Where can you download service manual for a Honda Metropolitan scooter?

You can order one for about $16 or download a free manual. See the links.

Is there a governor on a 1984 honda trx200 fourtrax?

No you are limited only by engine power and gearing.

What is the top speed of a 2000 Honda Accord V6?

my 1998 Honda accord lx I4 has a governor at 138 mph. It is the same generation accord, and thus i would guess that yours is similar, (unless they changed the governor for the v6 which is doubtful)