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the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle, you can make copies of the right sections :)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-06 13:36:33
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Q: Where is the headlight power supply in the dashboard section of a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
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How do you remove the dashboard on a Mitsubishi eclipse?

Go to The forum website has the 3rd and 4th generation Service Manuals. Look at section 52A - Interior.pdf which has detailed diagrams and the disassembly/removal steps.

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The repair section on explains how to change the light switch.

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How do you remove a Mitsubishi eclipse instrument cluster apart?

Go to The forum website has the 3rd and 4th generation Service Manuals. Look at section 52A - Interior.pdf which has detailed diagrams and the disassembly/removal steps.

Timing diagram Mitsubishi Eclipse 96?

Mitsubishi eclise timing marksyou are going to have fun with that one, on average you have to run the mark around 3 times when timing it to make sure it stil lines up after setting a Mitsubishi motor, but you should check the public library where you are, and look in reference section on automotive repairs/Mitsubishi motors.......or go to and find a service tech link for the dealers......they might have a manual you can buy from them, but most publishers don't carry Mitsubishi.....books.... other than that check the motor specs out in hte books for DODGE since they use mostly Mitsubishi motors anymore....cant remember which model but one of the dodge cars in 1995 used the same motors in it as the eclipse but didnt produce quite the same torque

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See *Headlight* on page 10-49 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 10: Maintenence and Service - Replacing Bulbs.....

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How do I replace the gear shifter on a Mitsubishi eclipse 2002?

Go to The forum website has the 3rd generation Service Manuals. Look at section 22A - Manual Transaxle.pdf which has detailed diagrams and the disassembly/removal steps of the Shift Lever Assembly on page 22A-13.

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How does one remove the bumper cap from a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Bumper cap? ...everyone should have a manual for their vehicle(parts store or dealer), and a local library should have professional shop manuals available in the REFERENCE section for free...make copies of the appropriate up and good luck :)

How do you unlock outlander Mitsubishi 2003 without the key?

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Where is heator control valve on Mitsubishi Galant 2003? check section 50-40 AlexR

How do you replace the oil pan gasket in a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse gt?

Go to The forum website has the 3rd and 4th generation Service Manuals. Look at section 11C - Engine Mechanical.pdf which has detailed diagrams and the disassembly/removal/installation steps for the upper and lower oil pan.

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It is connector A-21x in the forward section of the engine bay fuse & relay box.

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