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Where is the heater core located on the 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and what do you need to remove to get to it?


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2011-11-11 16:51:25
2011-11-11 16:51:25

You probably shouldn't even think of doing this job. The heater core is located under the dash on the passenger's side. It is in the same case as the A/C Evaporator core. To remove this unit requires dropping of the steering column and COMPLETELY disassembling the entire dash right down to the firewall. This includes disconnecting all electrical connections, vaccuum lines, antenna connection, etc. I have done this job to replace the A/C evaporator core and would not recommend it unless you have a lot of patience, are very mechanically inclined and make all kinds of notes so you can reverse the procedure to put it all back together. My buddies all thought I was nuts to even attempt this job and they were probably right. even though the job turned out successful and saved me quite a bit of money. There is an added danger if you have a passenger side air bag. GOOD LUCK

Additional Information: I agree with the above answer. I have received quotes from reputable places to do this work that run close to $1400.00 most of which is labor. Since you're talking about a 13-14 yr old vehicle you might want to wait til summer (assuming that your AC works) and trade up to something else.


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The heater core is inside the hvac housing under the dash.

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On my 1994 RH Drive, it's located on the passenger side, in the duct on a shield.

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There isn't a heater valve. The temperature is controlled by airflow doors inside the dash.

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No, the XJ Cherokee does not have the same heater box as a WJ Grand Cherokee.

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