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Where is the heater motor located in a 1998 Olds 88?

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in my 89 Oldsmobile delta 88 , the heater motor was directly under the center of the windshield under the hood. black circular thing.

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Where is the blow motor resistor for a 1998 olds aurora located at?

The blower motor resistor is generally located close to the blower motor.

Where is the blower motor resistor for a 1998 olds aurora located at?

Probably in the fuse box located underneath your hood.

Where is the blower motor for a 1999 olds 88 located?

The blower motor for this vehicle is located on the heater plenum approximately in the center of the firewall. It is located near the top of the engine compartment. The motor is covered by a plastic cowl that is secured by six bolts.

Were is the heater control valve located on a 1998 olds cuttlas?

Like most cars. The heater control valve is located inside the closed compartment with the heater core and the and the AC condenser. It is a door flap that seperates the heated air from the outside air, or the AC air.

My olds Aurora heater will not blow?

i replaced th motor 60.00 $$ us

Need to find the heater fan relay 2000 olds Alero?

if your blower motor is not properly working it is most likely your blower motor resistor. it is located next to the blower motor which can be found by looking through your glove compartment. 17.99 at your local autozone

Where is the heater core located in a 2001 Olds Aurora?

It is located underneath the dashboard right behind the center console.

Where is the speed sensor located on 1998 olds bravada?

wHereis the abs wheel speed sensor located on 1998 Oldsmobile bravadaI

Where do you locate the heater blower for a 2000 olds alero?

the heater blower is located under the dash on the passenger side. easy to change ,4 skrews.

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1998 Olds?

its under your fuse panel on the fire wall there is to nuts to remove

Where is the heater core on 1998 Olds regency?

Should be at the passenger's side firewall - usually accessible behind the glove box area

Where is the heater fan in a 99 Olds Alero?

The heater fan is behind the glovebox. If you remove the glovebox and look up from underneath, you'll see the blower motor. It is held on by three screws. In front of it the blower motor resistor, which also sometimes goes bad.

What is a 1998 olds cutlass what is its value?

what is a 1998 olds moblie cutlass value

What would keep the heater from blowing hot air on a 1998 Olds Bravada?

Could be, Low on coolant, A stuck open thermostat, A plugged heater core, A faulty temp blend door actuator,

The heater on your 99 olds intrigue is squealing and no hot or cold air will come out what will fix it?

Pull the blower motor out and check both the motor, the blower wheel and the housing for any trash that may be stuck in it................

Where is the block heater plug located on a 1999 Olds alero?

On a 3.4 liter engine the block heater plug is located slightly below and to the left of the exhaust manifold. You can access the block heater plug by reaching over the top of the engine or from the left side, under the alternator and belts.

What would cause a 99 olds alero ac heater to stop working?

There are a couple of reasons why a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero ac heater to stop working. The heater coil may need to be replaced or the HVAC blower motor may need to be replaced.

Where is the blower motor on an 1998 olds intrigue?

Under the glove box and air bag. Remove the airbag fuse and disconnect the battery before attempting to remove the blower motor.

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

I have a 98 olds intrigue and the blower motor resistor is located under the glove box behind the blower....

1998 olds aurora locate low pressure service port on ac?

The low pressure service port for the AC on a 1998 Olds Aurora is located on the side of the accumulator. It is at the back of the engine compartment, on the passenger side.

What is the problem when there is no air blowing from the AC heater and vents when the blower motor fuses and relay are good on a 1992 olds?

Perhaps a bad fan motor? Perhaps a bad fan resistor? Perhaps a plugged evaporator coil?

Where is the thermostat located on a 1995 olds aurora?

Follow the lower radiator hose on the back of the motor. It is in front of the water pump.

Where is the blower motor for a 1995 OLDS 88 located?

On a '97 it's accessible under the hood, about top center of the firewall.

Where is the water pump on a 6 cylinder 99 olds cutlass?

On a 1999 Olds Cutlass, the water pump is located in the engine compartment under the hood. It is on the motor on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Do you need to take the motor mounts loose to replace your serpentine belt on your olds 1998 88?

all u have to do is take it out and then put it back in