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Where is the horn relay located at on a 1994 Ford Tempo?


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2007-10-10 03:21:44
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On the older model Tempo the relay was located in the front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted above fuse panel.

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The engine compartment fuse and relay box in a 1993 Ford Tempo is on the fender wall. It is located on the same side as the battery.

The horn relay in a 1994 Ford Bronco is located on attached to the cruise module. The electrical relay is under the hood.

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The 1994 Ford Mustang fuel pump relay switch is located below the fuel injector pump. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank.

it would be the fuel gauge relay or fuse located at or located in the vehicle.

it is located in the relay box on the driver side upper engine area.

If you are referring to the Solenoid Relay switch. I have a 1994 Tempo GL, and it is located on the left firewall. Just back of the battery. However, hopefully you take the time to remove and transfer the wiring. From the worn relay, to the new relay one wire at a time. Otherwise, you may end with the predicament I have encountered. I have power, but it won't crank. All years are not the exact same in layout-according to my search. Good luck though.

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Yes , the 2.3 litre four cylinder engine in a 1994 Ford Tempo has a timing CHAIN

The Fuel Pump relay is not located under the seat. It is located on the passenger side, under dash, above blower motor, mounted on firewall.

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The power window relay on a 1994 Ford Mustang is in the fuse box. The power window relay is silver in color.

you will have to disassemble the rear lens by entering the trunk. If the question really is for a 1998 Ford Tempo, then the answer is - you can't because the last Ford Tempo model year is 1994!!

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follow top radiator hose to the end .thats the thermostat housing.on drivers side of the engine

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