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Where is the idler pully on a 1997 cavalier?


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Get a standard 3/8" socket wrench, just the socket wrench, you don't need any sockets. Look on the idler pulley bracket for a square hole in the bracket. Place the socket driver in the square hole. You can now easily move the idler pulley to relieve the belt tension and remove the belt. I found that my 3/8" ratcheting socket wrench was too thick in profile to fit in the rather narrow space on my 1998 Cavalier. So, I bought and used a 3/8" breaker bar which happened to have a thinner profile and it fit and worked very well. There is also a thin profile tool made especially for serpentine belts with little clearance at the tensioner.


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Most technicians refer to the idler pully for the timing belt as just idler.

the bolt in the center of the idler pully is just spining how do i get the pully ooff

I have a knocking noise near the water pump pully or idler arm pully on my 94 chevy cavalier 2.2 motor when its at idle, if i give it more gas the noise will go away do you know what this could be? i took off the tension idle pully and checked the bearing and it was fine.

first you should release the belt tension pully and remove the belt. Then the idler pully has a bolt through the center remove the bolt and the pully should come off.

Pin the top tension idler pully..take the front wheel off...the bottom idler pully is on an excentric...loosen same....belt goes slack.... put new belt on,set the excentric as tight as possible.. remove the pin in the top tension idler pully belt should be tight after doing this... happy days

the idler pully is the top center that that spins freely and is connected to the block.

I don't believe there is an idler pulley on that model, just a tensioner pulley

there is a bolt atatched to the idler pully. you have to loosten the bolt, and then take the old belt off. remember to look at how its routed. put the new belt on and tighten the idler pully. now, between the longest span from pully to pully, you should only be able to move the belt a 1/4 of an inch. the bolt for the idler pully bolt is located on the bracket for the power steering pump. the bolt is also close to the crankshaft pully which is centered on the front of the engine block. Alternately: loosen the bolt (15 mm) in the center of the idler pully below the power steering pump. The adjustment bolt is to the right of the P/S pump, angled toward the right. Loosen the adjustment bolt until the belt slips off. Make a diagram and replace the belt. Tighten the adjustment bolt until the belt is tight, as above. Re-tighten the bolt in the center of the idler pulley.

Find the idler pully of the serpentine belt system. It is usually the one that appears to not "drive" any system and is normally located towards the top of the other pullys. On the idler pully assembly, you will find a bolt (not the bolt in center of pully or the one at the pivot point of assembly). Using the correct sized socket and a large ratchet (or wrench) as a lever, pull or push the idler pully assembly, which is spring tensioned, until the pully moves in far enough to get new belt on. Slowly release tension until belt is tight against the idler pully under the assembly's spring tension. Be sure belt is properly seated on all pullys without any twists.

An idler pulley is a pulley that does not drive and is not connected to any device that is driven. It serves to either tension a belt or to route a belt to clear an obstacle.

idler pulley, the only one that will move

remove the bolt on the pully or use a pully remover depending on the style of pully and put new one on.

Most idler pulley's are near the top and usually quite easy to get to. Press on the belt somewhere, enough to deflect it a couple inches and watch to see which pully is mounted on a tension spring. That is the idler pulley.

There is an idler pully next to the PTO clutch. Loosen the nut and slide the pully to loosen or tighten the belt. Hope this helps

It's a left hand thread. Crank to the right.

front drivers side of the engine next to the power steering pump

a 92 Silverado 350 uses a single serpentine belt that is tensioned by a spring loaded idler pully. When facing the engine from the front of the vehicle, the tensioner is near the top of the engine slightly left of center. Using a breaker-bar and socket, remove tension from the idler pully and simultaneously slide the serpentine belt off one of the other pulleys. I usually pick the alternator pully since it's so close. Note the path of the old belt and make certain that the new belt is installed along the identical path. Put the belt on all pullies, including the idler pully and hold it with slight tension near the alternator pully, then turn the idler pully again and slide the belt over the alternator and release pressure from the idler pully. Visually inspect the path of the entire belt to make certain that it is properly installed before starting the engine. Don't let anyone stand to the side of the engine when starting it for the first time, since a mis-installed pully can be ripped apart quickly and relatively large pieces of reinforced rubber can really hurt when they hit you.

Replace tentioner pully on 2.8 multiport

you have a bad bearing on either the tensioner pully or the idler pully. both should be replaced for success.

Alternater is frozen or the idler pully. Check each pully the belt goes around, one of them will be stuck.

How do you change a coil pack on a 1997 cavalier

My guess would be the camshaft sensor, or idler pully, or water pump, or your compressor

Remove the belt, then remove the bolt holding in the idler pulley.

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