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Hey Randy==It is in the fuse box. Get it to making noise and follow the sound. GoodluckJoe

I have a 1990 F150 and my reminder tone was dead. Apologies for the long answer, but here's how I fixed it.

The reminder tone is a white box, about 2 - 2 1/2 inches square, mounted beside the steering column, directly above the gas pedal linkage, under the dashboard. If you lean down underneath the steering wheel, and look up above the gas pedal, you'll see it. It'll have a wiring harness plugged into it, with about 6 wires.

My tone box wasn't totally dead. If it was totally quiet and I had the doors shut, I could barely hear it. If it's the same with yours, maybe you can fix it.

I removed the box, only one or two screws as I recall, and opened it up. Inside is a small circuit board. In the center of the board is a small copper coil with striker in the middle. The striker hits a brass-colored disk in the body of the box. This disk should be floating in a small ring of foam. In my tone box, the foam ring was dinsintegrated. I replace the ring with a piece of foam from a coat hanger (one of the coat hangers that my wife had that came with one of her silk shirts, has gray foam on top to keep from damaging the cloth). All I did was cut a ring out that was the same outside diameter as the brass disk, and cut out the center so that the ring was about as wide across as two or three pennies stacked together. I put it back together, and for more than a year, it's been like a brand new tone reminder.


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Q: Where is the ignition key reminder tone in a 1991 Ford F150 located?
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