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it's on the drivers side under the dash next to the fuse panel

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โˆ™ 2006-06-03 05:17:02
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Q: Where is the ignition module located at on a 1993 eagle talon?
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Where is the ignition control module on a 1995 eagle talon located?

the ignition control modual is located on the backside of the fuse box under the dashboard.

Where is the eagle talon transmission module located?

If its an automatic tranny then its in the same area as the ECU behind the stereo

Where is the Ignition Idle Air Control Valve on a eagle talon located?

It is bolted onto the throttle body

Where is the high beam module in a 1995 Eagle Talon?

In the headlight assembly...

1995 eagle talon only runs on 2 and 3 cylinders?

Have you checked your plug wires? Your injector harness's with a noid light? Your Ignition control module? Just some suggestions.

Where are airbag senors and computer on 1997 eagle talon?

airbag module is under the tray located on the back of the center console the impacet sensors are behind the bumper

Were is the transfer case located on a 95 eagle talon?

on the transaxle

Where is the ecm located in a 1991 eagle talon?

behind the radio

When was Eagle Talon created?

Eagle Talon was created in 1990.

Where is ecu located on a 1991 eagle talon?

under the center console

Will a 1991 eagle talon engine interchange with a 1992 eagle talon?


What would cause a 95 eagle talon to fire on 2 cylinders?

bad ignition coil, bad ignitor

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1996 eagle talon?

It's located under the passenger side of the car, just forward of the rear tire for a 96 Eagle Talon 2.0 Non Turbo FWD. Not sure for the TSI model.

Where is the starter LOCATED on non-turbo 1993 Eagle Talon DL?

on the tranny

Where is the cam sensor located on a 1997 eagle talon?

its on your valve cover. Passenger side.

Where is the water pump located on a Eagle Talon?

eagles do not have water pumps on their talons dude

Can a 1991 Eagle Talon turbo fit on a 1992 Eagle Talon?

obviously its the same 4g63 engine

Eagle talon fluid?

"which fluids?" No the Eagle Talon is not fluid in state. As a whole, it is typically considered a solid.

Would a 92 eagle talon transmission fit a 95 eagle talon?

no it wont. the blocks are different..

Where on the engine is the alternator located on a 1995 eagle talon?

right below ur timing belt

Where is the fuel pump located on eagle talon?

In the fuel tank, accessible from under the rear seat.

Problem starting eagle talon after warm or just shut off?

Possible your ignition coil is going bad. Is it only when the car is warm?

What is the claw of an eagle hawk or other birds of prey?


Where is the fuel filter located on a 95 eagle talon Tsi?

It is located on the left side, engine compartment, underneath the battery compartment.

Where is the starter located on a 1991 eagle talon?

The Starter is located right under the intake manifold on the left side.. pretty hard to get to...