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Where is the intake air temperature control located on a 1993 Ford Escort?


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should be on the intake runners, but everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section--you can make copies of the necessary information...good luck :)


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The intake air temperature (IAT) is located inside the intake housing close to the air filter.

The air intake temperature sensor is on the intake housing between the filter and the throttle body.

It is located under the intake manifold between the engine and the firewall.

The idle air control valve on a 1990 Ford Escort is located on the intake manifold. An idle air control valves function is to control the amount of air that is allowed to enter the engine so the idle can stabilize.

under the intake manifold on the 2.0 twin cam,you can see it from the driver side under the intake

The 2002 Ford Escort zx2 does have an air intake air temperature sensor. The sensor is at the top of the engine on the drivers side.

On my 1998 zx2 it is located on the intake tube after the mass airflow sensor. It points to the front of the car and has two wires coming out of it.

temperature sensor for this car is located on a heater hose on the drivers side near the battery and under the black air intake tube

The spi Split Port Induction intake manifold will have to be replaced.

The MAF is located upstream from the intake filter on the intake housing.

the iac valve (idle air control) is located on top of the intake manifold ,right before the throttle body.

This sound like a bad temperature sending unit mainly located on the intake manifold sometimes by the thermostat housing ,it has one wire plug.

The 1995 Ford Escort OBD connection is located on the right hand side of the engine. The OBD connection will be on the air intake manifold.

It's located right on the intake tube.

The air temperature sensor on the 1984 Corvette is located under the hood. It is under the air control bracket at the front of the intake manifold.

the intake sensor located with the air flow sensor.

The intake air temperature sensor on a 2005 Subaru WRX is part of the mass air flow sensor. It is located in the air intake duct.

The intake air temperature sensor is located just after the top of the intercooler. It will have color coded wires coming from it.

The IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor is a Two (2) Wire sensor located close to the intake.

The temperature sensors for automatic climate control are located at the air intake for recirculation of cabin air under the dashboard.

The Ford Zx2, all years do not have an air intake temperature sensor. The MAF sensor/mass air flow sensor detects both the air temperature, and the air volume being inducted. The MAF sensor is located in the air cleaner box near where the hose goes toward the engine, and will have a bundle of wires going into it.

It is located on the intake manifold next to the fuel rail.

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