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left hand side of the car,under glove box

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2006-04-02 12:23:13
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Q: Where is the location of Renault clio immobilizer unit?
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Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio 2003?

The flasher unit is intergrated within the instrument panel

How do you change CD player unit in Renault clio?

How do you change a CD player in a Nissan micra

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio?

depends on year, 1991-1998, the flasher unit is underneath the fuse box, which is underneath the glove compartment

Where is the location of Peugeot 406 immobilizer unit?

there is one unit attactch to the key barrel and plugs into the com 2000 unit (back of wiper /indicator arm )

How do i fix the high level brake light on my Renault clio?

Replace the whole unit - it's got LED inside, not bulbs unfortunately

Overrode the immobilizer of Renault Megan Hatchback 1998 now lights indicators rear window heater dash door lock and wipers not working Red light for the immobilizer also not on Flash lights are ok?

I've been told by a Renault machanic that this problem is caused by a control unit behind the interior fuse box known among Renault people as an UC bic. This must be done by a Renault garage as the unit is coded. However a friend of mine took out the battery and cleaned the fuses and surrounds which were in behind and all electrics worked again!

Renault clio 1965 how do you check if key or infra red unit for clocking immobilliser is the one not working?

put a stick of dunamite in light the fuse and run I guess

Where is the location of the flasher unit on a clio 172?

The indicator relay is under the glove box, passenger side, behind the fuse box.

Is it possible to disconnect the immobilizer on a Renault scenic diesel?

I don't think you can - i think it's part of the Engine Management System run a live to immobaliser control unit to fool it to thinking the ignition is on, this will stop it from arming itself.

How do you start 1998 Clio with immobilizer problem?

i have a 1998 s plate clio 1.4 rt and when i bought it the thing would not start because the car had been broken into and had the window wiper and indicator stalks broken off which locked on the immobilizer i paid Renault 130 for a new key and had it reprogrammed to the car by a Renault engineer whom i had to pay on the side to bring the equipment out to my car as it would have cost me a small fortune to transport the car to a Renault garage and after reprogramming the key tha car started first time until the third attempt after which the problem reoccurred so the enginner told me that i needed a new ecu unit which is the brain of the immobilizer and it would cost over 300 to have mine replaced and installed by Renault but he would do it on the side for me for 50 at his house if i went and got a new ecu from Renault or a breakers yard which i did and it turned out to be the wrong one that the breaker gave me from a w plate 1.2 rn so i was left with another loss of 85 this time then i came across these guys immobilserunlock or automotiveelectrics but i went to the first guys both of them do the same thing which is an immobilizer unlock pod which goes straight onto the diagnostics plug located under the ashtray at the gearstick and voila my car runs all the time with the new key i bought from Renault which would have become useless had i installed a new ecu to my car all you do is tell them the pin number from inside your key fob and they send it the next day and away you go the providing your Renault has the aerial at the front of the car which a 1998 has then your ok as they cant help you if its at the back like the newer models

What causes a clicking noise from hazard light systemive a Renault clio rt and i have a clicking noise from the flasher unit it still makes a clicking noise when flasher unit is taken off?

it is not the hazard system, but comes from the speedo cable which is routed behind the dashboard thus making it sound like the flasher unit.

How do you change a brake light bulb on a Renault Clio?

Depends what model/year of Clio. I have the 98-01 model, and you have to remove the interior tailgate panel (boot closed), then disconnect wiring (battery negative disconnected), and you can then remove the unit. If you're at all unsure, you should either buy the Haynes manual, or send it to a professional.

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