Where is the location of the cam sensor in a 1998 4 cylinder Chevy S-10 and how do you change it?

To the best of my knowledge a 98 2.2L 4-cyl does not have a cam sensor. It does however have a crank sensor and if you look at the lower crank pulley just to the back of the pulley and go around the pulley you should find the sensor mounted on a bracket. You should see what appears as a sprocket with widely spaced teeth on the engine side of the pulley. This "sprocket" so to speak is what the crank sensor "reads". I believe that the crank sensor is the only sensor used for engine timing. The 2.2 is an overhead cam engine design and a crank sensor wasn't used. I know this is the case for the 96 models, both 2.2L and 4.3L v-6 and the design has carried through current models to the best of my knowledge.

my 1996 hombre that's a s-10 clone with a 2.2 Chevy motor has a cam sensor i just had to replace it. the easy was is to take it to advanced or auto zone let them scan the computer for the fault code to tell you witch sensor it is. its location is on the bottom of the engine block passenger side. some say its easier if you take the tire off to access it.