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I have a '98 Kia with the DOHC engine. There are two plugs and two wires located under a plate on the very top on the engine. Take out 6 or 8 screws to open it up and the plugs and wires are accessible. I HAVE A 1999 KIA AND THE SPARK PLUGS ARE UNDER THE LITTLE PLASTIC COVER ON TOP OF THE ENGINE AND UNDER THERE ARE TWO "JELLO" MOLDS AND TWO RUBBER COVERS. THERE ARE SPARK PLUGS UNDER THE RUBBER COVERS AND UNDER THE "JELLO" MOLDS. AFTER FINDING THEM THEY WEREN'T HARD TO CHANGE. =Answer= Same as above, except when you go to change the plugs you will need an long extension for your socket. Make sure that the socket is a regular spark plug socket with the rubber insert or it will be difficult to extract the spark plug from the housing. Assembly is the reverse of disassembly

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Q: Where is the location of the spark plugs on a 1998 Kia?
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the spark plugs are under the cover on top of the engine.

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To replace the spark plugs from a 2004 Kia Sedona the plug wires ,must be removed from the engine. Unscrew the plugs. Properly space the new plugs and screw them in.

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trust me, you don't want spark plugs from walmart...

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There are 4 spark plugs.

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You spend 340.00 paying the dealer to take half the engine apart so that there is access to the spark plugs. Other than the access problem there is nothing different about changing Kia Spark plugs.

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They will be on top of the engine underneath a black plastic cover. You have to remove the air intake and hose to get to it.

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Changing spark plugs is relatively easy. Disconnect the batter and spark plug cables, and remove the old spark plugs. Next replace the spark plugs with new ones, reconnect the spark plug cables and battery.

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underneath the plastic cover on the engine head are the spark plug wires, there are 2 coil packs there. the wires connect the coil packs. 2 of the spark plugs are under the coil packs and the other 2 are exposed...

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if you have 4 cylinder , 4 plugs if you have 6 cylinder , 6 plugs

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Take it to the dealer.

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The 1999 Kia spark plug gap setting is .035. Most spark plugs will be pre-gapped by the spark plug manufacturer.