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Where is the low pressure port on a 1996 Mercury Villager?


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September 13, 2011 10:57AM

Mercury Villager AC recharging

The low pressure service port is on the left side of the engine bay as you are facing the vehicle with the hood open. It is at the top of the engine compartment, and it faces towards the drivers side of the vehicle. If you spot the compressor, look for the line that runs out of the back side of it and follow it up to where it Tee's That's the low side port. It has a black cap on it (at least it should). The high side service port is near the center of the vehicle and it points straight up. It has a cap on it also (mine's grey and has an H on it).

This vehicle uses R134A refrigerant and the connectors that it uses are not interchangeable or reversible(on the vehicle side). That doesn't mean you cannot screw it up, if you were to connect the hoses to the wrong side of your manifold set, but if you are using the auto parts store recharging line and little cans of R134A they will only connect to the low side port.

Coincidentally if you look up at the hood above where the low side port is you will see a sticker with the amount of regrigerant and oil that your particular vehicle uses. Mine has the rear AC so it uses 3.75 pounds of "freon."