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Depends. What Year ? On Most Of 1996 And Later It Is On Top Of The Compressor. These Use R134A. If Your Isn`t That Design And Uses R12 Follow The Large Line This Is The Low Side. You Should Locate It That Way. Best To Let A Good Garrage Service Your A/C You Most Likely Will Be Better Off. GOOD LUCK


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Every Chevy half ton ive seen 88 to 2010 has the 6 lug

The oxygen sensor on a 1994 Chevy truck is on the drivers in the exhaust pipe right next to the manifold pointed twards the cab or the transmission.

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The 1992 Chevrolet half ton pickup truck has a rated towing capacity of 4500 pounds. The same pickup truck with a camper special option has a towing capacity of 6500 pounds.

A pickup truck that can safely carry a load of 1,000 pounds. This has nothing to do with towing capacity. It has to do only with load capacity.

No....a full size pickup will hold one half a cord of wood

Generally, a half ton (1000 lbs)

NO IT WILL NOT. You MUST put the 4L60E back in it due to the computer system. Are you will have all kinds of problems.

That all depends on the truck itself. Every truck is different. Ask a dealer to look it up for you (tell them the model of your truck).

There's ONLY 2 years that will work and ONLY 1 kind of transmission that will work. A 1996 or 1997 4L60E is what you will need to find.

No. A S10 series truck is considered a quarter ton truck.

it depends on the weight class of the truck. if it's a half ton, k10 or c10, then it has 6. if it's a 3/4 or 1 ton, c/k20 or c/k30, then it will have 8.

The gas prices in the 1920's were only .18 cents per gallon. The price of a new Chevy half-ton pickup truck was only $650. A used Ford was listed at only $57.50.

The depth of the bed of a pickup truck can vary, depending on the make and model, and especially the size of the truck. They average between one and a half feet and two feet deep.

One true cord of wood is equal to 128 cubic feet. The average pickup truck can only handle between a third and a half of a cord. The volume and weight of a full cord is too much for a normal pickup truck to handle.

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