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Where is the main relay on a 1988 CRX SI?


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2006-04-20 16:48:10
2006-04-20 16:48:10

88-91 Civic and CRx main relay untis are generally located under the left corner of the dash next to the coin holder. If you remove the fuse cover and then the 3 screws holding the holder you can see and feel the relay on your left. You may need to take the hood release off to do the change out. Thank you.


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There is no horn relay on a 1988 Honda CRX Si. The horn is wired to a negative terminal and sounds when the contact touch. There is no need for a relay using this type of set up.

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under the coin holder next to the ecu chips

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No, the 1988 was a brand new design and none of the body panels carried over from 1987.

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88-91 Crx parts will not fit on a 86 crx. The 86 Crx has wider lights.

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Civic Racing eXperiment = CRX

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