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88-91 Civic and CRx main relay untis are generally located under the left corner of the dash next to the coin holder. If you remove the fuse cover and then the 3 screws holding the holder you can see and feel the relay on your left. You may need to take the hood release off to do the change out. Thank you.

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Q: Where is the main relay on a 1988 CRX SI?
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Horn relay for 88 crx si?

There is no horn relay on a 1988 Honda CRX Si. The horn is wired to a negative terminal and sounds when the contact touch. There is no need for a relay using this type of set up.

Where is the main relay on 1990 crx si?

under the coin holder next to the ecu chips

Will at 1988 crx si hood fit a 1987 crx si?

No, the 1988 was a brand new design and none of the body panels carried over from 1987.

Top speed of 1988 Honda CRX Si?


Is there a way to make tail lights from a 1988-1991 CRX fit a 1987 CRX si?

88-91 Crx parts will not fit on a 86 crx. The 86 Crx has wider lights.

Would 89 crx si headlight fit an 87 crx si?


What does CRX stand for on a Honda CRX Si?

Civic Racing eXperiment = CRX

Can you get an automatic transmission for a 89 crx si?

All CRX Si came with manual transmissions.

Will a 1990 crx si radiator fit in a 1985 crx si?

it will fit if you want it to. my buddy had a crx si with ls vtech and a Chevy radiator. and i have a 86 crx and just put a prelude radiator in it last night

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 1988 Honda civic CRX Si?

Std, DX & SI models = 12 gallons HF Model = 10.6 gallons

Where can you buy Honda CRX SI?

There are many places online where an individual can purchase the vehicle Honda CRX SI. Examples would include eBay, CRX SI website, and Honda's official website.

What is the Horsepower for 1990 Honda CRX?

For crx si the hp is 108.

Where are the turn signal flasher and emergency flasher located on a 1988 CRX SI?

located on fuse box under dash

Will a cold air intake from a 1990 crx fit on an 86 crx si?

Yes, I have a 86 crx si and the one I have is from a 88-91 civic/crx. any ? contact me at for any info...

How do you replace an alternator drive belt in a 1988 Honda CRX Si?

There is a video on youtube. Just enter the question into the youtube search and you should find it.

Is a Honda CRX si a manual car?

YES only the CRX DX was available with Automatic Transmission

Any manual transmission for crx fit in mi crx d15b2?

L3 si tranny is best

Where can you find a 1988 Honda CRX Si engine at?

there's a couple of sites,,, They should have replacement engines for any year and model. You can also find motors to swap with if your trying to make your CRX faster. But they should have the same exact one that your model CRX has too.

Where do you spray carburetor cleaner for Honda CRX si?

the crx si is fuel injected so you can spray carb cleaner where ever you want. but it wont be cleaning the carb

1988 Honda civic gas tank size?

Gas tank capacity of an 88 Civic DX and CRX Si is 45 litres or 11.9 Gallons...

Why is your 1988 Honda prelude si hard to start when sitting in the heat of the day?

It is your main relay. Its under your dashboard on the driver side. it is hard to see. its on the left side of the fuse box you might have to unscrew it.

89 Honda CRX si notice when trying to start check engine light wont shut off making motor not start and if it goes off it will start and run fine and then light will come on and kill the motor?

It sounds as if the problem could be your main relay switch. I had the same problem w/my 90 si replaced it and problem solved.

I have a Honda Civic dx and transmission is slipping What other auto transmission Hondas fit a 1991 Honda Civic dx?

1988-1991 Honda civic dx,si,standard civic, crx dx,hf,si any Honda auto trans 1988-1991 will fit it

What is the spark plug gap for a 1987 Honda CRX si?


How many rows are in a stock 1991 crx si radiator?