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Where is the modulator valve on a Ford Tempo?


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2006-11-28 04:44:18
2006-11-28 04:44:18

There isn't one. These models use a throttle position cable instead.


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A modulator valve is located inside the case, in front of the modulator.

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theres is not a valve it has tvcontrol cable and ecm controls the rest

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most overdrive transmissons no longer have modulator valves they are computer controlled.

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The exact location of the transmission modulator valve on your Ford Mustang is dependent upon the year of the Mustang. Most of the time the transmission modulator valve will be on the back of the transmission.

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If you mean the modulator valve for the transmission its on the side of the transmission. Under the car.New Answerthe 1987 ford crown vic with a AOD overdrive transmission does not have a modulator valve

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