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Where is the neutral safety switch on a 5 speed manual 4 wheel drive suzuki sidekick and how do you swap it out?


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this question is popular here.

here goes again. (for the 1000'th time) check out suz. forum.

there isn't one. ( well a rose by anyother name, is but.. a switch)

it can only be 2 places , at the pedal or at clutch and for 100years 1 place. (cable type)

on kicks 5sp , its a clutch safety switch , mounted on top pivot of clutch pedal assy.

unlock the jam nut.

un plug it.

then unscrew it.

rev. procedure ( and calibrate it so it clicks at disengage point)

simple as apple pie.

It's a popular question because it took a fourteen year old to find mine. its on the inboard side of the steering column opposite end of the pivot shaft from the clutch pedal.

see my clutch page. and its all there, every piece.

search of zillion answers .