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Where is the oxygen sensor on 1994 grand prix se 4 door?


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The O2 sensor is right off of the rear exhaust manifold, right of the Transmission Fluid dipstick.


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Fuse box for 1995 Pontiac grand am - door lock

you need lots of tools to do that then take it out carefully

A sensor, no. If that is a feature on a 1996, it is a function of the power door lock system.

Just remove the bulbs. If the sensor in the door keeps the lights on, you have to find out which door. Check with your Ford dealer.

simply get a different wiring harness from the junk yard

Put the key in the driver's door (from the outside), and unlock the door. That resets the security system.

The door ajar sensor, on a 2005 Ford escape, is located inside the door panel behind the door lock. There is a sensor on each door.

it is on under the truck on the exhaust pipe right under the drivers door

dealer or junk yard. ahhh, is this a "real question"?

It's on the left side by the steering wheel when you open the drivers side door.

Open the front passenger side door; it is on the side of the dash.

There is a sensor in each door. You will have to find out which door sensor is defective. Check with your local dealer for the part, and he will be able to help you.

The sensor you are looking for is an integral part of the door latch.

The sensor you are looking for is an integral part of the door latch.

Oxygen sensor location: If your car is a 2.0l 4 cyl there is one before and one after the catylic converter which is located about midway of the passager door.

dealer or junk yard.......hello?????? make some calls.

Passenger side near the door hinge on the dash housing.

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