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Where is the pcv valve on a 2000 Ranger XL with a 25L engine?


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it is directly below the intake manifold on the engine block. i do believe it is the only 1/2 inch hose connected to the intake plenum.


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By the way, it's a 2.5 Liter engine, the system saved it as a 25L for whatever reason.

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AnswerThe switch is screwed into an oil filter adapter located at the oil filter. N O T IT IS ON THE DRIVERS SIDE OF THE ENGINE NEAR THE REAR CLOSE TO THE INTAKE BEST WAY TO SEE IT IS FROM THE BOTTOM I HAVE A 98 2.5 AND I REPLACED MINE

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NO.! although there is not much room back there, the front dog bone will need to be removed and a 2x4 spacer placed between the engine and the fire wall. then the distributer can be removed, but know that the oil O ring may also cause sticking, and may need more manuverability. I have removed and replaced several of these without major problems. 1987 and newer do not have a distributer, but a coil pack in its place. ME in Minnesota

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