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Its on the rear of the passenger side valve cover if's it's a V8. Remove the doghouse and you will find the vacuum connection for the PCV on the very rear of the intake plenum. Follow the hose down to the PCV valve.

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Q: Where is the pcv valve on and 88 ford econoline?
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Where is the PCV valve on the 97 olds 88?

Standing in front of the engine, its on the left side of the engine intake. You'll have to remove that MAP sensor to get to the PCV Valve.

Where do you find the PVC valve on your 1996 88 Oldsmobile?

Generally you will find a PCV valve somewhere on one of the valve covers, with a hose the connects to it.

Where is PCV valve for 88 93 5.0 mustang?

Most are locatedon back of your intake in the middle.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

It's going to be off the valve cover(s) one or the other. Plugged right into it.

Diagram of fuse box for 1988 ford econoline van?

I have an 88 elite econoline motorhome, I'm having a problem swiching over from 12 volt to 110.

PCV valve location on 1988 Oldsmobile 88 3800?

front side of plastic intake manifold

How do you tune up an Oldsmobile 88?

Replace: Plugs and wires Fuel filter Air filter PCV Valve Dist. cap and rotor

Where is the pcv valve on an 88 Chevrolet caprice classic?

It should be on top of the valve cover on the driver side right where you add oil. The oil cap is at the end of the valve cover towards the back of the engine and the pcv valve is on the same valve cover but towards the front of the engine. It sticks out of the valve cover just like the the oil cap does. I have the exact same year and model car as you and that's where mine is located at.

Where is locate PCV valve Mazda 88 b2200?

I believe that it is right on top of the valve cover, a (little short 90 degree hose) goes directly to the air cleaner. It comes out forward of the air cleaner.

On a 88 ford f150 econoline which tank has the fuel pump in it?

there is a pump in both tanks, as well as a high pressure and a low pressure pump on the body and under hood

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1993 and 1999 Oldsmobile Delta 88?


Where is pcv 88 ranger 2.3?

to the right side under the intake manifold

How do you tilt the steering wheel on a 1987 ford econoline van?

Hi I use to drive a 87 van and recently bought a 88 so I am pretty sure that it is the same but you push the blinker lever forward. Hope this helps.

Why does 1998 Ford Festiva leak oil out of front of oil pan gasket have replaced it also oil sending unit and PCV valve?

i say it probably not that check under your throttle body your terminal vacumm switch is probably leaking i have a 88 and it has 124,000 and they were both shot which i replaced they runn about $16.00 a piece they have to be special order from parts

Where is the PCV Valve located on a 83 Olds 88 with a 307 V-8?

buy the park at the auto parts store then look under the hood for it. it should go up to the air cleaner somewhere just look for the hose.

Will the transmission on a 1988 Ford Taurus fit in a 1992 Ford Taurus The '88 was made in Feb of '88 and the '92 was made in Ovt of '91...If that helps at all.?

I was told by a transmission company that the 1992 tranny can only be used for 1992 Taurus models, no exceptions.This is correct the axode in a 1992 3.0 Taurus has different bulk head connectors from valve body,it won't work.As well the 88 is an axod not a axode.

Can a starter from a 1985 Ford Escort on a 88 Ford Escort work?


88 ford ranger starts but dies when idle slows?

Your idle air control valve may be dirty or clogged, the fuel filter may need changing or the rpm is set to low.

How do you change valve cover gaskets on a 88 efi ford 302?

Drivers side is easy passenger side is tough and you must remove the top of the intake to do this. Just the top not the whole thing.

How do you locate the PCV valve on an '88 Buick Regal Custom?

Hey Jeff==It is on the pass side of the intake manifold. There should be a hose going from it to the throtle body. GoodluckJoe Additionally: I rotated my engine to get access to the pcv, and changed the three sparkplugs back there while I had access. Using the slope of the driveway as a helper, I was able to swing the engine just by grabbing the top and pulling it toward me. Jonny

Why won't my Ford Festiva won't idle properly?

1st check fuel filter, air filter, fuel pump. You may also want to run some fuel injector cleaner (or carb cleaner if it's an 88 or 89 without FI). Also check for any vacume lines which may be split or have come off, check the oil cap and oil dipstick are on tight (seriously), and check the PCV valve is in place and not clogged (you can pull the PCV valve out and shake it up and down. It should rattle just a bit. If not, it's clogged). If it's only recently started idling improperly, it could be bad gas as well.

Locaion of PVC vavle on 1990 Toyota pickup 22re motor?

Top center of valve coverIt has a large hose on it that connects to the intake manifold. To remove it, roll a rag and place it next to the PCV valve, use a pair of pliers to grab the bung and use the rag as a fulcrum to pop the valve out of the grommet. When the valve is removed, remove the grommet from the valve cover and replace both. Its beside the air filter casing and on top of the valve cover on the 88 22R. i used a set of needle nose to get it out and only my fingers for the hose retainer.

Where is the pcv valve on an '88 Honda Accord?

It is located towards the rear of the car on the intake manifold For more info refer to haynes manual or service manual I found the PCV valve on my 1989 Honda Accord DX (carbureted). It is at the rear side of the engine almost directly below the center of the front edge of the top of the air cleaner housing. The valve is mounted vertically in the intake manifold. The only difficulty is that the air cleaner housing has to be removed -- four nuts, as well as a number of vacuum hoses disconnected. Also ideally I need to do the whole procedure again as I didn't get the valve to seat well in the manifold; I need to find a 2" long (approx.), about 1/2 inch in diameter, piece of copper pipe or somthing similar to tap the valve down into the manifold firmly.

Your 88 ford ranger has 40 psi to the scharder valve while running good when running bad has 30psi what is wrong?

There may be issues with the fuel pump or the fuel filter may be in need of replacement among other things.

How can you tell if a valve spring is broken on a 88 Volvo 740 gle?

If you have done a compression check the next step is to take off valve cover and look.