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Where is the port to recharge the AC on a Ford Windstar?


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2011-09-13 11:06:06
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I just worked on a 2002 windstar the "low side" charging port was a top of engine almost over frnt passenger tire wheel. If you have one of those recharge kits from walmart or where ever they only fit on the "low side." The "high side" is a different size port inlet. It is usaully located on aluminum colored metal lines. Every one I have ever dealt with has always been at top of engine in sight. Simple.


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where is the ac recharge port on a 93 ford explorer located?

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If it is a factory ac the front and rear use the same ports. It just takes more freon for one with dual units

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Look under the hood on the passenger side for tubes that have black plastic screw on caps on them. The cap with an L on it is the low side where you refill the AC.

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The AC recharge port on a 2008 Ford F150 is located close to the hose that runs from the compressor to the accumulator. The hose is the low-pressure hose and you will notice a service fitting on the hose which is where the port is.

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The recharge port is located on the passenger side near the firewall.

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