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See "Related Questions" below for moreThe radiator drain plug for a 2001 Taurus is located underneath the car on the bottom of the radiator on the driver side of the car. It is very hard to see and get to. You must first remove the plastic cover that is attached to your front bumper. Take it completely off, then look underneath the car on the driver side. On the bottom of the radiator you should notice a white plastic nut. It is easily removed with a 3/4 wrench.

I would suggest you take it to a auto shop and have a flush done as draining the radiator really does little for you. There is still a large amount of the coolant in the engine and in the heater core that does not get changed and will contaminate your new coolant as soon as your thermostat opens. Also draining the radiator does not remove very much of the deposits that are built up in the system.

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Q: Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2001 Ford Taurus?
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