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Where is the rear hatch sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

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2010-07-26 19:28:49

"Solution_--_Disable_Rear_Hatch_Sensor" id=

"Solution_--_Disable_Rear_Hatch_Sensor">Solution -- Disable Rear

Hatch Sensor

Answered my own question -- If you ever encounter a "Door Ajar"

sensor and it's not one of the four doors, it's probably the hatch

back sensor. There is an unseen sensor behind the hatch panel which

grounds to the mounting plate of the hatch lock assembly.

Test the theory by applying pressure to the outside of the hatch

back lock. If there's a short circuit, often the extra pressure

will close the open circuit. Also try adjusting the hatch lock

striker hook backward and forward to adjust closure tightness (12mm

socket and three bolts to loosen/tighten).

To fix the problem permanently (without major hassles), try the


1. Remove rear hatch panel -- Two plastic screw fasteners, the

rest are simple panel pop rivots. You may need to remove the two

screws securing the window release lock plastic cover, too.

2. With the interior hatch panel removed, close the hatch.

3. Open the rear window.

4. Standing at the rear driver's side of the hatch, fish your

left hand through to the back of the hatch lock mounting plate.

5. Locate the pigtail connection attached to the mounting plate:

One ground (wire) connected to the mounting plate, the other (red

w/stripe) connected to a wire connector just fore of the locking


6. Disconnect the pigtail.

7. Tape off the open pigtail and secure to prevent rattling.

8. Reassemble hatch panel.

This should not affect the rear hatch power lock, rear window

release, rear wiper, rear defogger or Tire Carrier Ajar sensor.

It's simply a way to disable the 5th and only unseen "Door Ajar"

sensor which could short and cause such a problem.

Food for thought.


1. This was the solution for the floor lighting frequently

staying illuminated when all doors were clearly closed on a 1995

Nissan Pathfinder.

2. The pigtail mentioned in the solution is about 6" to 8" from

the latch mechanism. Mine was covered in gray foam to minimize

rattle noise and was somewhat hard to see inside the dark rear

hatch door area. It was also against the "inside" side of the sheet

metal. I'm telling you this because I was about to Cut the

Red/White wire and make a new ground by attaching it the metal on

the door with a self tapping screw and new wire terminal end. I'm

never in favor of cutting any factory wiring when you can

disconnect a harness. There are lot of reasons why cutting is not

the best option if you have another option to choose from.

3. The existence of this problem was discovered because the

alarm system was going off during all hours of the day and night.

It turns out that the alarm sounding problem happens to 1987 to

1995 Nissan Pathfinders when the battery is discharged

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