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the valve is usually located on the back of the AC compressor itself. If not there, you could also look for it along the line by the AC dryer. Look for the port that is on or closest to the LARGE hose line for the a/c. This is the only one you use to recharge the a/c. On most 240's it is sticking out of the lower back of the a/c compressor and is tough to get to if you don't remove the mass airflow meter. Of course the car won't run without the meter so I actually remove it, then replug it while charging the a/c.

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Q: Where is the recharge port ac Volvo 240 dl?
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Where is the recharge port on 93 Ford?

where is the ac recharge port on a 93 ford explorer located?

Where is the AC recharge valve located on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

The ac recharge port is the low side port. It is on the hoses on the passenger side of the engine close to the belts.

Where is the ac recharge port on a 2004 gmc envoy?

The AC recharge port on a 2004 GMC envoy is on the low pressure connection. It is the larger of two hoses near the firewall.

Ac fuse is melting Volvo 240?

1981 240 volvo #5 fuse blow when i try to start the car....

Where is the ac recharge port on a 2002 grand prix gt?

I have a 2003 Grand Prix GT and the AC recharge port is right behind the motor on the firewall. Look for the silver pipes coming out of the firewall right near the middle. You will see the recharge port on one of the pipes there.

Mazda millenia air conditioning recharge?

Where is the AC recharge port on a 99 Mazda millennia supercharged

Which port is the low-side service port on a 1997 Chevy Tahoe?

The recharge port is on the larger AC pipe

Where is the low side service port to recharge ac on a 1997 Olds cutlass supreme?

The low side service port to recharge the AC on a 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme is at the rear of the engine. It is close to the firewall.

What port on your car do you usually use to recharge the ac unit?

The low side.

Where is the ac recharge port on a 2008 Ford F-150?

The AC recharge port on a 2008 Ford F150 is located close to the hose that runs from the compressor to the accumulator. The hose is the low-pressure hose and you will notice a service fitting on the hose which is where the port is.

2006 Jeep liberty air conditioning recharge?

How do you recharge the AC in a 2006 Jeep Liberty? I can't find the port.

How do you recharge air conditioning on 1998 explorer?

You can recharge your vehicle ac system through the low side port, you can also check the pressure through the same port. There is a website with helpful information about your vehicles ac system

Where is the recharge line for the AC on a 1990 Mitsubishi mirage?

The 1990 Mitsubishi does not have an air conditioning recharge line. The vehicle has an air conditioning recharge port. You can recharge your air conditioning system through the low pressure port on the air conditioning compressor.

Where is the recharge port ac for Volvo C70 convertible?

Low pressure port is under the power steering resevior near the serp belt. Take the cap off, start your car and run the ac at max with blower at max too. Wait 3 minutes. Connect can and begin to fill.

Where is the low pressure ac recharge valve on 2000 ford ranger?

The recharge port is located on the passenger side near the firewall.

Where is the AC recharge port on a 1999 Chevy Lumina?

Under the air filter compartment.

Where is the AC Recharge Port for 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Its located on the top of the a/c compressor..................

Where do you recharge the AC on the Mercury Villiager?

At the low side port. If you do not know what this is, take it to a shop.

Where is the low pressure port to recharge the ac on a 1991 Volvo 740 turbo?

Next to AC accumulator/drier, which is in the engine bay in front of the firewall. When looking from the front, it is on the left side of the car, an aluminum cylinder approx. 4 inches in diameter.

How do you recharge the AC for your 2001 VW Passat?

You can recharge the air conditioning compressor through the recharge ports. Connect the Freon hose to the recharge port. Release the Freon into the air conditioning compressor.

Where is the ac recharge port located on a 1996 ford probe 2.0L?

The black or silver can is the accumulator/drier, located near the firewall on the pass anger side. It has two AC hoses connected to it and a low side recharge port with a dust cap on it. Remove the dust cap (if it is still present) and connect your recharge kit to the port. When done replace the cap.

How do you recharge AC 1988 Volvo DL?

run motor and set A/C on max, blower on full, pull a vacuum on the system and recharge with R12a 2.9Lbs

Where is the low side port to recharge AC in 99 gm van?

where do i find the low side to attach the hose for filling on the ac

Where is low pressure ac recharge port on a 1992 ford f150?

left side on firewall should be on the side of ac condencer

Where is the AC recharge port located on 1995 Buick Skylark?

AC recharge port. is arms length down the left front of car on top of evaporaterator has a blue cap. Is very hard to reach your arm between the radiator and the motor to reach this port. You should get an extention for the recharge hose. I burnt my arm because you have to have the car running to actually put the 134a in.