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Where is the refill plug on a 1993 Geo Metro manual transaxle?


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2004-09-19 02:57:53
2004-09-19 02:57:53

the refill plug is located on the drivers side of the transaxle at or about the same level as the drivers side axle shaft. It is a 3/8 inch square inside plug that can be removed using a 3/8 inch ratchet or braker bar


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According to the manual, the automatic transaxle Drain and refill takes 4 qts. (3.8 liters); From dry including the torque converter) 8.9 qts (8.4 liters)

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The information should be located on the tie bar (radiator support tag) or on the underside of the hood of the vehicle. . ( Or if you need your answer, answered by someone who isn't Sherlock Holmes..) Coolant capacity for a 1993 Honda Accord From Dry: Manual Transaxle - 7 qts Automatic Transaxle - 7.5 qts Drain & Refill: Manual Transaxle - 3.5 qts Automatic Transaxle - 4 qts * All capacities approximate. Add as necessary to bring to appropriate level. Per Haynes Book # 42012

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On the lower front side of the transaxle housing. There is a threaded plug.

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3, one by the timing belt cover, one on the transaxle under the battery, and the third behind the engine on the firewall.

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Hey David==This is an involved procedure requiring many spedial fixtures and tools. If you want to tackle it get a shop manual from the parts store and get after it. Goodluck Joe

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