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Where is the relay that controls the popup headlights on a 1996 Firebird?


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2011-12-02 15:45:52
2011-12-02 15:45:52

i have a 93 firebird and my relays right next to my headlights under the hood so maybe its there


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Whatever controls the relay must be broken, if everything beyond the relay works.

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where is the starter relay on 95 firebird

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It is a relay (little box) under the hood in the fuse box on the drivers side

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rear window defroster relay in a 97 Pontiac firebird

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The wiper relay is located behind the fuse box, third socket from the drivers side. This relay controls the low speed and intermittent functions. It also controls the motor to "park" the wipers down rather than just stopping them. The 1st relay is for the E-flashers and turn signals and the 2nd relay is for the low/high beam headlights.

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