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There is a black box with a white bar code sticker in the lower center panel (below the stero and air controls) bolts to remove are located around the bottom all the way to the back by the gas ped.

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Q: Where is the remote keyless entry module in a 1997 Mercury Villager?
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Can I use any type of keyless remote to program for my 1999 mercury villager?

No, it has to be the right one. Take it to a dealer or a locksmith that does remotes.

Where is the keyless remote module in a 92 buick regal?

Where remote module in a 98 buick regal

Where is the remote keyless entry module on the 2004 Kia Optima?

The remote keyless entry module on the 2004 Kia Optima is located under the driver's side dash. To find it, open the door and look up under the dash.

Is there any way to tell if you car has keyless entry if you dont have a remote?

Pull off the passenger side kick pannel and you will see a module that says something like keyless entry or security module. If you have this module you have keyless entry. This answer is based on my 2000 ranger with keyless entry. Mike B Orlando

What is the RAP module on a ford explorer sport trac?

That's the Remote Anti-theft Personality module ( what a name ! ) It is used with the remote keyless entry / alarm system

Location of the keyless entry module in 98 Saturn?

The location of the remote keyless entry module on a 1998 Saturn is in the rear of the passenger compartment. It is underneath the trim at about shoulder height by the right rear seat.

My keyless entry on my mercury sable 2001 doesn't work could it be a blown fuse?

the batterys in your keyless remote may need to be changed

Where is the alarm reset button on a Dodge Journey?

On your keyless remote.On your keyless remote.

Where is the Remote Keyless Entry module located on a 2002 buick regal?

According to AllData, it is located behind the IPC.

Location of RAP module on a 1996 explorer?

The remote anti-theft personality module ( what a name ! ) for your keyless entry system is in your jack storage compartment. It is at the front of the compartment.

What if 1997 mercury keyless remote doesn't work?

it might need a new battery, that happened with mine.

Where is the remote keyless entry module on a 1996 Saturn SL2?

Pass. side rear, behind shoulder strap of seatbelt

How do you program keyless remote for Chevy Malibu?

How do i you program keyless remote for a 2004 malibu?

How do you program a keyless remote to your 99 jetta?

keyless remote control to a 99 jetta?

What does a RAP module do in a 98 Ford Explorer?

In a 1998 Ford Explorer : The RAP module ( Remote Anti-theft Personality module ) is used with your anti-theft system and your keyless remotes ( each vehicle with keyless entry has it's own factory code )

How you can get back your wet remote for mercury villager 1994?

You can't. Buy a new on eBay. They send reprograming instructions with it.

How do you reset a keyless remote after changing the battery on a 97 Corvette?

You do not have to reset the keyless remote after battery replacement.

How do you program the keyless remote for a 2007 Hyundai Azera?

How do I program a keyless remote for a 2007 Hyundai Azeva

How do you program your keyless remote for a 2003 Chevy Blazer?

how do you program your keyless remote for 2003 Chevy blazer

Chevy HHR 2008 keyless remote reset?

how to reset Chevy 2008 hhr keyless remote

How do you program keyless entry remote for 1989 Buick Park Avenue?

The 1989 Buick Park Avenue does not come with a remote keyless entry. The keyless remote entry was not available till 1997.

Program mercury keyless remote?

This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you re-program a keyless remote for a 1993 Bravada?

With the door in the unlocked position, press the lock button on the keyless remote 4 times in a row, holding it down for 4 or 5 seconds on the fourth press, this will cause the module to re recognized the remote , the remote has to be the original one though, new ones need to be programed to the VIN of the vehicle your using it for.

Where is the remote keyless entry module located on a 2001 Toyota sienna?

i found it just below the radio and above the air bag ecu.

Where is the RKE Remote Keyless Entry module located on a 1998 Chevy Corvette?

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