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It is a 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. The moon roof is stuck in the tilted position.


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two red squar buttons on exterior where you screw moonroof upwards. Depress these buttons and push upwards and pull to rear of vehicle. Moonroof should slide out.

Its position will no longer be the same.

The threads of the screw as the threads are turned by the screwdriver .

When one cannot undo a tightly turned screw or nut, an impact gun is used. It is either motorised or has an air motor and will give a bust of energy so that the screw or nut can be turned.

The motions are a rotation as the screw is turned, and a downward or upward motion as the screw threads bite into the wood.

There is a bleed screw on the thermostat housing. Remove the screw with the engine loose. Ounc you have pure coolant and no air you can close off the bleed screw.

The mechanic at the shop indicated that there was no bleed screw on the 200 Ford Explorer. This problem was resolved by starting the car (not driving it) and allowing it to run a little. The machanic did advise us to not allow the car to overheat.

There is a bleed screw on the thermostat housing. Remove the screw with the engine loose. Ounc you have pure coolant and no air you can close off the bleed screw.

Well, it CAN be wrapped either way, but because standard screws tighten when turned clockwise:if the wire is wrapped around the screw clockwise tightening the screw will pull the wire tighter around the screwif the wire is wrapped around the screw counterclockwise tightening the screw will push the wire away from the screw making it loose and maybe even popping the wire out from under the screwSo, if you want the wire to stay secure on the screw only wrap it clockwise!

The idle speed is controlled by the powertrain control module ( computer )

a linear motion around the house can be in when a screw is being turned by a screwdriver or when you walk

The thumb screw was a device to torture victims. The victim's thumb was placed in the device and the handle was turned to put painful pressure on the thumb - not very nice.

Screws are very much like nails, but are stronger. First a hole smaller than the size of the screw is drilled into the area that is to be screwed. Next the screw is inserted into the hole and turned to the right until it "bites" into the wood. It is then turned more until the head is flush with the board.

bender ( judd nelson) took a screw out of the door.

The factory sunroof does not have a manual close devise.

The idle speed screw is on the right side of the carburetor, just above the carburetor bowl (the lower part of the carburetor). Turning this screw clockwise will raise the idle speed. Turning it the other way will lower the idle speed, which is supposed to be close to 1400 RPMs. The other screw, or the air screw, should be turned in as far as it will go, then loosen it two and a half turn. If the engine runs well with this, then nothing more needs to be done. You can turn the last mentioned screw a bit more, clockwise, to adjust the air mixture. Make sure that the carburetor is clean.

Just behind the front grill (1 screw on the BOTTOM should also be opened)

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start with the passenger side open bleeder screw, press pedal, close bleeder screw. repeat till all air is out of the system.

If you are talking about the CMOS battery, there should be able to unscrew a very visible screw on the bottom of the wii. There is also a screw under the grip in the same area, which is very close to the screw. You can probably pry the grip out with anything narrow and flat.

It's my guess, and only a guess, that the idle jet is either plugged or the idle screw is turned in too tight. Judiously apply some carb cleaner and open the screw 3/4 of a turn. Once you get it running, play with the screw to smooth it out.

Carb. idle screws are set so thew vehicle idles they are not set at a specific number of turns. With the screw turned out but still in the carb start the vehicle. Let it warm up then turn the screw in until the engine will just idle. There are other adjustments that may assist are to the pilot fuel/air screw. This should be screwed all the way in until it lightly bottoms then turned out 2 turns to start. Once the bike is idling per above turning this screw until it idles at the highest point. This should be between 2 and 3 turns out. Readjust the idle screw to the lower idle if needed and you will be ready to go.

The carburetor on a 125cc Honda Wave is adjusted by turning the idle mixture screw and idle speed screw along the front. Both are turned until the desired rpm and performance are achieved.

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