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It is under the rear of the vehicle.

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Q: Where is the spare tire in 1996 chevy blazer?
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Where is the spare tire on a 96 Chevy Blazer?

the spare tire should be on the under carriage under the trunk of the Blazer

How do you remove spare tire from a 2000 Chevy Blazer After inserting key?

I have a Chevy Blazer 2000 4 Wheel Drive ZR2 The Spare Is On The Back With a Lock How do I remove the Spare Tire Thank You

What is the gate that holds the spare tire on a Chevy S10 Blazer called?

I'm semi-sure it's called a spare tire carrier.

Where do you get the kit to hook your spare tire for your 2004 Chevy blazer?

save money junkyard.

How do you remove the Spare tire on a 98 blazer?

Removing a spare tire on a 1998 Blazer is very east. The tire is located under the rear of the blazer. The tire has a turn handle that will release the tire. Turn the handle until the tire releases.

How do you change the tire on 2003 Chevy trail blazer?

how can we drop reserve tire on Chevy trail blazer

How do you remove the spare tire on Chevy Suburban?

Removing a spare tire is easy to do from a Chevy Suburban. The tire is removed with the tool that is located on with your jack.

Where is the evap purge vent solenoid located on a 2003 Chevy Blazer?

It is near the gas tank. You have to remove the spare tire to access it.

Tire size for a 1996 4wd Chevy blazer?

235-70-15 or 235-75-15

How do i improve gas mileage on a 1996 Chevy blazer?

It is cheaper to carry "fix-a-flat", rather than a spare.... Could help? Check your tire pressure, make sure they are where they should be.... Get a K&N air filter, use fix a flat instead of a spare, and check your tire pressures for starts?

How do you remove the spare tire on Chevy Blazer?

The spare tire is located under the rear of the truck. Insert the flat end of the tire iron into a hole located on the right side of the rear bumper and crank until the tired drops down to the ground.

Tire size for a 1995 4wd Chevy blazer?

Original manufacturer's tire size for a 1995 Chevy Blazer are P205/75R15 97S.

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