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Where is the speed sensor on a 1993 Chevy Lumina?


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tranny everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the reference section for FREE to make copies up and fix like a pro!! :) Dave


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There is no cable....It's all done with a sensor and electronics.

Lumina in USA does not have a carburetor

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The VSS sensor is the vehicle speed sensor and it is located in the transmission. The purpose of it is to operate the speedometer and abs system.

on most cars it in the front at the bottom of the by the crank pully

No, Chevy Lumina Z34 ever came with a 3.7L engine. So probably not.....

how do you change the heater hoses on 1993 chey lumina 3.8 liter

Assuming that it is a 3.1 V6, as most of them are, there is no cam sensor. Only a crankshaft sensor. It is located behind the harmonic balancer. To replace it the balancer has to be removed.

There is no cam sensor on a 93 3.1. Just a crankshaft sensor....which is located behind the harmonic balancer. WRONG! it does in Fact have a cam position sensor! its underneath the intake plenum!

How do you adjust the parking brake on a1994 Lumina?

Spark Plugs on a LuminaSee the related questions to the right. HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE SPARKS PLUGS ON A 1993 CHEVY LUMINA APV 3.8L 231-V6 ENGINE (an van)

the beretta and lumina motors are about the same i have a lumina motor in my 95 beretta

One reason a 1993 Chevy Lumina may turn over but not start could be the battery. It may also be the spark plugs.

it is on the rear of the engine just below the middle spark plug just above the transmission oil pan

I have a 1994 chevy lumina and it takes 4 quarts of transmission fluid when totally empty.

the 93 lumina had 3 different trans and the 95 had 2. the only trans they both have the same is the 4-speed 4T60-E automatic. if you have a 3.1l engine you most likely have the 4t60-E trans.

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Not tightened properly? Threades stripped?

The MAP Sensor is on the back side of the engine, toward the top-middle. There should be a bracket w/ a hose coming out of the center. The MAP Sensor should be just to the left of the hose (Passenger Side).

Driver, Check out : for the official mileage ratings.

I had to go to a dealership in order to find the location of the cam position sensor on a 1993 / 3.1 chevy lumina. I could order the part but was unable to find the location. after returning from the dealership. I am here to discredit those who say it doesn't have one. it in FACT does have one!. It is located under neath the intake plenum..

I have a 94 Lumina van and went to and got step by step instructions on to repair it. My husband done it with no problems

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