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There isn't one...

Except on the Z-24s and *some* RS model's with the "Sport Suspension" package...Sport suspension optiion also meant the car shipped with a tachometer.On those cars it is in the normal place for a stabilizer bar, runs across the bottom of the rear axle housing

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Q: Where is the stabilizer bar on a cavalier?
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What is another word for stabilizer bar?

Sway Bar

Does the stabilizer bar break or just loosen on a Hyundai Tiburon?

Generally the stabilizer bar end links break before the bar does but the bar can break. You will have to physically inspect the system to find out why it is loose. Worn/damaged stabilizer bar bushings could also be the cause.

What is a stablizer bar bushing?

The stabilizer bar rotates on the stabilizer bushings (usually 2 bushings required) be it front or rear of vehicle.

What is the evidence of price discrimination at a local bar called the Stabilizer?

Which would be evidence of price discrimination at a local bar called the Stabilizer

How do you change the front stabilizer bar on 96 windstar?

It would be unusual for the entire stabilizer bar to require replacing - typically just the stabilizer bar links wear out.See "Related questions" below for the information on replacing the links.

How do you replace sway bar link of a 2001 expedition?

Do you mean Stabilizer Bar?

How do you replace a stabilizer bar on a jeep?

What kind of Jeep??

On the front end of a 1998 Ford Explorer what does the bar attached to the frame with a small rod at each end do What are the two small end rods going up and down called?

The bar is called the stabilizer bar and the small rod at each end are called stabilizer bar links. The stabilizer bar links attached the stabilizer bar to the lower control arms. This assembly reduces vehicle roll during cornering. This is good information for you, call Strutmasters they can help you with any of your suspension needs on this vehicle.

What is the name of the stabilizer bar and tie rod?

You named them in your question.

What is a stabilizer link?

Stabilizer link = Sway bar link in old guy speak There is a metal bar called a sway bar that runs from side to side on most cars. It is attached to the suspension to the bar by links in most applications Some light trucks mount the bar to the axle and link to the frame from the ends of the bar.

How do you replace the bolts in the front stabilizer bar for a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

Hey Jenny==Go to the parts store and get the bolts then you will see what they look like. Then get under the car and change them out. This OS not a hard job. Goodluck. Joe

What is a benefit of stabilizer bars?

Stabilizer bars are sometimes referred to as anti-sway or anti-roll bars. The purpose of the stabilizer bar is to keep the car from rolling over when it goes around a bend.

Has a November 1984 Ford Laser auto got stabilizer bar?


What are the symptoms of bad stabilizer bar?

Poor handling on the sharp corners.

Installing 1999 ranger stabilizer bar bushings?

cut your stabilizer off its alot easier and time saving the socket will spin inside

What is a rear stabilizer?

its a bar that gose over the suspention and keeps the rear wheels ballenced with each other and the fornt wheels too. i broke my front stabilizer bar jumping and i cost my like 145 to replace it.

Squeeking noise from my rear left tire when turning?

Some 2001 and 2002 Sonata, XG300 and XG350 vehicles may experience a knocking or squawking noise from the rear suspension while driving the vehicle over rough road surfaces at low speeds. This noise may originate from the rear stabilizer bar and bushing rubbing together. This bulletin provides a procedure to correct this condition.The problem is the rear stabalizer bushing. The new design part number is 55577-38600Lift up the vehicle.Remove the rear stabilizer bracket mounting bolt.Remove the stabilizer bracket from the stabilizer bushing.Remove the stabilizer bushing from the stabilizer bar.Install the new stabilizer bushing after checking the yellow mark.Align the stabilizer-bushing end with the white mark on the stabilizer bar.Install the stabilizer bracket on the bushing and tighten the bracket mounting bolt. Tightening torque: 35-45 Nm (350-450, 26-33 lb.ft)Replace the stabilizer bar bushing on the other side.Lower the vehicle.

Why do you a vibrating sound on a chrysler300m when going over a bump?

Maybe the stabilizer bar.

What does stabilizer end links do?

It connects the ends of the sway bar to the suspension of the vehicle.

Toyota T100 stabilizer bar?

It's the bar mounted to frame and has sway links attached at both ends and to the lower control arms.

What are stabilizer?

Stabilizer is stabilizer lah .

What is a stabilizer bar? bar bar (′stā·bə′līz·ər ′bär) (mechanical engineering) In an automotive vehicle, a shaft that interconnects the two lower suspension arms in order to reduce body roll when the vehicle is turning. Also known as sway bar.

What is impact bar on Chevy Cavalier?

its the rear reinforcement bar under the rear bumper. its also known as a rear impact bar

What is the name of the part at the end of the stabilizing bar?

link pins. bushings and links Stabilizer link bushings.

Where is the Lexus gx470 oil filter?

On the driver's side above the skid plate, near the stabilizer bar.