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The Starter is right next to the oil filter in a 1996 Nissan Sentra. You will need a floor jack and two jack stands. To Remove: Disconnect Negative Terminal From Battery. Then, get under the car, and disconnect the electrial connector (easier with a slotted screwdriver) Then using a 12 or 14mm socket, remove the bolt you can see mounting the starter to the engine. Now, pop open the hood. Get a deep socket, knuckle joint, extensions, etc. From above, you will remove the second and last bolt. If done properly, you should finish within 2+ hours. My father had problem starting his Sentra 1996 GLE. After looking all over inside the hood and jacking the car from both front sides there was no avail. Finally I found starter clicking right under the fuel injector. There is a little gap between 2 screws (10mm size, star) connecting fuel injector to engine. If you look from gap which is left side of the right screw, you will be able to see the part of the starter. I took the wheel lug nut opener, pass through that gap, placed on top of the starter and gave a small tap with hammer. Starter started working. Took the car home and try normal start, car didn't start. I had same issue with Corolla FX long time ago. I was able to start the car this way for few times until I replaced the starter. You may try this with your own risk and caution. I wouldn't try replacing this starter myself. I have found that the inhibit relay (sits in black relay box on the right side of the engine)causes a lot of starter failures. It only cost $11-$20 verses $150 for a starter. Try changing that first. Nissan part number 25230-C9962 Some cars of the same year also have a starter relay that need to be replace with the inhibit relay. Nissan part # 25230-89981 (most of them only have the inhibit relay and not the starter relay)

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Q: Where is the starter located on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?
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