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The starter is located just under the intake manifold. If you are standing on the side of the car with the battery you should be able to see it. It's not very difficult to replace. Make sure you disconnect the negative battery terminal to avoid shock. There is one wire, that pulls apart, and two nuts on the starter that must be removed, the solenoid electrical connector and the starter terminal connection cable. Then there are two mounting bolts, one is on top of the unit and the other is on the bottom at a diagonal from the top bolt. Both bolts can be reached from above.

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Q: Where is the starter located on a 98 Nissan 200sx and is it easy to replace?
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I just replaced the starter on my 1998 200sx SE-R. You have to remove the intake manifold, and you will see it right under/behind there. You may as well replace the knock sensor while you are in there. About a 2 hour job altogether.

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mine is a 2.0L and starter is under the intake manifold....hope that helps

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The starter is on the driver's side under the intake manifold. If you need additional help locating it, look for the fuel filter on the firewall and the starter will be in front and below it.

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