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Where is the starter motor for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

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Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library for diagnostic procedures etc, just make copies of the right pages, as they are usually REFERENCE up and good luck :) You can find the starter on the passenger side of most tacomas through the fender which you would have to remove the rubber or plastic cover going across the fender. Its not hard to remove that it only has locks that pop out. Now to replace the starter is a whole different story. It should be easier on a 2wd than a 4wd. Now I replaced one on a 4wd v6 3.4L tacoma. There is only two bolts holding the starter in place which are pretty difficult to get to on this model. I had take off the top off the Transmission Fluid dipstick and loosen (take the nut and washer off) the 10 inch bolt that runs across the top of the coil spring and drive the end with the nut almost all the way to where you can't see it. Now if you do this you MUST tighten it to the required foot pounds with a torque wrench and I STRONGLY recommend you use the blue lock tight compound as well as as putting it to the right ft. pounds. Now I THINK (not too sure but I would check a manual in the specifications section for reassurance) it was like 88 ft. pounds. Now If you do have to change it in this fashion ALWAYS keep an eye on that nut and washer because it is a fine threaded metric nut with a special designed washer that will cost $10 from the dealer (cheaper IF you can find one at a junk yard to snatch up. If you ever hear a pop that you can feel a little vibration in the steering wheel or just a loud pop that aounds like you left a socket under the hood and it fellout. Its not a socket its that nut working loose but if you tighten it up right with lock tight as well you shouldn't have any problem but I still check cause when that nut was missing that was real scary. Oh and don't get the idea of taking part of the exhaust off because then you might have to rethread nuts and possibly cause an exhaust leak. If I was you though I would have a manual handy because its a big job that wouldn't be fun to do with out some reference. Though a book won't say to loosen that piece that was something I figured out on my own. Though you shouldn't have to do that an a 2wd model. I hope this helps a bit more than that first explaination. If not post a question on it and Maybe i will see it and respond. Oh if your wondering what the difference id in blue and red lock tight. Red needs heat to loosen again and blue just needs a good wrench.

2006-09-26 05:04:34
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Q: Where is the starter motor for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?
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