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The starter for the 89 Buick is located in the front of the engine under the exuast manifold... Can be accessed from underneath the car.. will need to jack the car up somewhat to get to it.


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It's on the front side of the engine, and low.

89 Buick Century uses a timing Chain. Not a belt.

Jack and safely support right front side of car disconnect battery remove 2 bolts that support starter remove wires from starter solenoid slide starter out of housing reverse to install

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first disconnect the battery. remove the bolts that support the starter. you may have to wiggle the starter out after you disconnect all of the wires going to the starter

The starter and solenoid are mounted together on the bottom front side of the engine

i belive its on the back side of the engine bolts to the transmission

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Disconnect the battery. Find the starter, and disconnect the wiring. There will be either two or three bolts holding the starter in. Remove those, and take out the starter. Reverse the steps to install the new starter.

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It does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.

Unhook your battery, locate your starter........ which should be behind A/C compressor there are 4 bolts, two in the front and two behind the starter.

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