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Where is the tach sending wire in a 2000 Cherokee Sport?


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2009-11-06 20:35:01
2009-11-06 20:35:01
AnswerAt the PCM on the driver's side engine compartment. #7 gray wire on the black plug.

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The tach signal to the cluster is not on a dedicated wire. It comes over the CCD data bus. Which is a pair of wires that the computers on this vehicle use to transmit messages and information.

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sounds like a dead short in the tach wire, trace the tach wire and see if it the wire insulation has been broken.

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There are two gray wires at the black PCM plug, but only one of them is the ignition coil ground that you need to hook up to your remote starter. Neither will give you an A/C current.The correct gray wire goes into pin A7. If you remove the black plug and look at the front you will see all the pins are numbered.

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