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The fuse box is located on the driver side, open door and look on the left side of the panel. There you will find the fuse box. You will have to look for the tail light fuse, but it is there.

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Q: Where is the tail light fuse or relay in a 2001 Jetta?
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Where is the flasher located on a 2001 Jetta?

Under the dashboard, a relay "box" that plugs into the fuse panel

Where is the starter relay on a VW jetta?

The starter relay on a VW Jetta is located in the engine compartment fuse box. This fuse box is located on top of the battery.

How do you interrupt the fuse legend on 2001 VW Jetta?

Iown a 2001 Jetta, and have no idea what "interrupt the fuse legend" means.

Where is the fuse for the altonater on a 2001 jetta?

There is no fuse for the alternator.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1992 vw jetta?

In a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta, the fuel pump relay is located on the bottom row of the fuse panel. It is the fuse on the far right.

Which fuse is for the fuel pump on a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta?

Fuse 28

Is there a fuse relay for the air conditioner on a 2002 vw jetta?


Where is the windshield wiper relay on a 1995 VW jetta gls?

You will find the windshield wiper relay on a 1995 VW Jetta GLS under the hood. It is located in the fuse (relay) housing.

Where can you find 98 jetta daytime running light relay?

It's relay #173 in the fuse panel under the dash.From "Jetta Junkie" forum: (see Related Links, below)96-99 VW Jetta Lower the fuse panel under the dash. You will see a relay marked with the number 173. Coming out of the back of this relay is a plain yellow wire. Trace this wire and you will find a small connector. Unplug the connector and your DRLs are disabled.

How can you find the exact fuse or relay location for your 1996 volkswagen jetta?

You can find the exact fuse or relay location for your 1996 Volkswagen Jetta in the car's owner's manual. You can also obtain it from auto part stores.

Where is the 2002 jetta ac relay?

The 2002 VW Jetta air conditioning relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The air conditioning relay switch will be in the third column, second from the top.

1997 Jetta how do you reset the airbag light?

The airbag light, on your 1997 Jetta, can be reset by removing the fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds. Replace the fuse back to its original position.

Where is ignition relay on 1995 jetta?

The ignition relay on a 1995 Jetta is in the fuse box that is up inside the dash on the driver's side of the vehicle. To access this fuse box there are clips holding onto the cover and holding it into the dash.

Which fuse is for the 2001 jetta cigarette lighter?

I would like to find out what type of fuse is needed for the 2010 vw jetta cigarette lighter and how to identify which fuse it is and where located

Where is the Location of the power window fuse in a 97 vw jetta?

The power window fuse in a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta is located above the relays. The relay/fuse box is usually located near the steering wheel.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located on a 1996 volt wagen jetta?

The fuel pump relay is #12 marked in the fuse/relay panel.

What does a 96 jetta fan relay look like?

The 1996 VW Jetta fan relay is located under the hood on the drivers side. The legend is located in the top cover of the fuse center.

Which is the brake light fuse on a 2003 jetta?

Go to for fuse map. Think it is #13

Were is the fuse and relay for the blower in a focus 2001?

#64 is a 30A fuse in the fuse/relay box under the hood, on the driver's side, by the firewall.

Where is the fuse relay box on a 2001 VW Jetta?

I called VW shop and they told me that it was under the battery. There's some that have 14 pins and some others 16pins. They're expensive!!

Which fuse number for the brake lights of a 2001 vw jetta?

S13 - 10amp

Which number fuse in a 2001 VW Jetta is for the brake lights?

Number 13 uses 10 AMP fuse

How do you deactivate automatic door lock 2001 jetta?

Take out the "Door lock fuse".

Is there a relay 1 in a Lincoln LS 2001 fuse box?

According to the 2001 Lincoln LS Owner Guide : Yes , the fuse panel diagram for the fuse panel in the front passenger footwell shows " relay 1 " but doesn't show what the relay is for ( it's the only relay shown in that diagram )

2002 Mitsubishi Galant where is the tail light fuse and relay?

The 2002 Mitsubishi Gallant tail light fuse is located in the first column of the fuse box. The tail light relay switch is also in the fuse box, at the top of the third column.