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Where is the thermostat located on a 1991 Toyota Celica GT?


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2005-11-01 16:26:14
2005-11-01 16:26:14

Yes all cars come with one from the factory. in most cars follow the upper radaitor hose to the motor and where it connect you should see a couple bolts and it should be under that housing . you can also buy a chilton manual for that car that will give you the location of it and instructions on how to change it. Ok, You would EXPECT to follow the top hose from the radiator like on most cars, but with the 1990 Celica, you follow the BOTTOM hose. I followed the top hose and removed the housing to the body that attaches to the engine and realized there is NO thermostat there!!! :o) In fact, the only thing I saw was a cheap, dried out, and NOW broken gasket. When I put it all back together I the broken gasket was not good and I was leaking. I had to get some "permagasket" in a tube an make one my self. So save yourself the time and trouble and follow the bottom hose! Keith Reindl


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My friend has a 1991 Toyota Celica Active Sports and the fuse box is located inside the car underneath the steering wheel behind a pannel

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The thermostat on a 1991 Toyota 4Runner is located on the engine block. It can be found by following the large hose coming from the radiator.

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not enough, it's a Toyota for heaven's sake!

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by the battery and theres a fuse panel by ur left foot when ur in the drivers seat

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