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In most cases, the thermostat will be in a housing that can be located by following the upper radiator hose back to its connection point on the engine. The thermostat's job is to regulate coolant flow through the radiator, and this can easily be accomplished by placing the stat in line at the water outlet to the radiator. The lower radiator hose usually goes to the low-pressure (inlet) side of the water pump.

Answerthe thermostat on my 1992 Honda accord is in the housing where the lower radiator hose meets the engine block. this is a long hose that goes to the passengers side top rear of the engine block, from the passengers side lower end of the radiator. you may have to move the air intake hose to access the housing. i have an F22A1 motor in my car. i don't think a '93 is any different. . AnswerOn an 1989 Accord DX (2L), follow the top radiator hose to the engine block. The hose is connected to the thermostat housing, which is held in place with two 10mm bolts at top and bottom. Be sure to position a new thermostat so that its air-bleed valve is at the top. AnswerI have a 1993 Honda Accord DX 4 door and the thermostat is located at the end of the bottom radiator hose where it connects to the engine. You need to disconnect the air filter housing tube and 3 hoses. One water and two vacuumhoses. Two horizontal bolts disconnect the housing that holds the thermostat. The factory thermostat is 172.4 degrees F. or 78 degrees C. During installation make sure air bleeder hole (very small, looks like a loose rivet)in the thermostat is up. It is relatively easy to do. Hope this info is helpful.
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Q: Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Honda Accord?
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