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Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Honda Civic DX?


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2006-02-18 15:59:09
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The thermostat is held in the intake from the radiator engine. In a 92/93 it is center left behind the injector rack. Follow the large hose from the top of the radiator back to a clamped nozzle. Remove the clamp and pull off the hose. You will loose some anti-freeze. Undo the two hold down bolts. Carefully work the intak off. You should find the thermostat in housing. You should test the thermostat by dropping it into a cup of boiling water. If the valve opens it should be working properly. If not or is heavily corroded, replace it. Reverse the operation for replacement. Make sure you install an new gasket and that you tighten the hose clamp. A good check would be to make sure your hose is in good shape. Take Care


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Follow the lower radiator hose into the housing, that where the thermostat is.

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