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It is located underneath the distributor (spark plug wires on left side of engine, right hand as you stand in front of the car) and the distributor mounting bracket. Follow the radiator hose (top one). First loosen and remove the four (4) bolts that hold the distributor and spark plug wires attached to it as one unit and set that aside (do not disconnect the spark plug wires from the harness or from the engine!!! Next you will need to turn loose three bolts (one 9mm & two 8mm) on the mounting bracket and the two bolts that hold a heat tube bracket onto the distributor mounting bracket. The heat tube runs from the front of the engine to a hot air sensor. Once you have loosened and removed (take care not to drop and lose these bolts place a magnet on or near your wrench to catch the bolts) you will then be able to remove the distributor mounting bracket. Once this is done it will expose the thermostat housing and the attached rubber hoses. Loosen the two hose clamps an slide them onto the existing coolant hoses. Next break free the rubber hoses from the thermostat housing, take care not to tear the hoses, if they are brittle or frayed replace them before you reassemble all that you have removed. Next turn loose and remove the three bolts (8mm) that hold the thermostat housing and gently tap the thermostat housing to break it free, do not tap it with a metal object that will damage the housing as it is maked of aluminum!! Clean the housing, remove any gasket material off the housing and engine block, install the new thermostat in the housing apply some sticky silicone to the housing and engine block where the gasket goes, stick the gasket onto the thermostat housing, stick one or two of the housing bolts through the housing and gasket and reinstall the thermostat and housing onto the engine block. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts as you may brake them and then you will be in deep kimshi. Reverse the process and reinstall all components and you are done!

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Q: Where is the thermostat located on a 95 Ford Escort LX and how do you change it and how difficult is it to change it?
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